EcoAction: Optimizing Green Building

In its quest to promote sustainability and decrease carbon footprints, EcoAction Partners focuses a lot of its energy on educating. The nonprofit is hosting a free lunchtime workshop at the Wilkinson Public Library on Dec. 6 from 12-1 p.m. aimed at giving property and building managers tools to curtail energy use on the job. Lunch will be provided by the Telluride Association of Realtors. RSVP by Dec. 4 to or 728-1340. And to read about EcoAction’s Executive Director Heather Knox recent appointment to the Colorado Pollution Advisory Board Assistance Committee, click here.


This 1-hour educational event will be focused on optimizing building mechanical systems with a panel discussion by regional experts.

Topic will include:

Energy-savings tactics and benefits of regular maintenance.

Optimizing controls for heating systems, heat-tape and snowmelt systems, and other mechanical systems.

Other energy savings tips incorporated into EcoAction Partners’ Green Property Manager Program.

Incorporating “un-occupied” settings when homes are vacant for long stretches of time.

The importance of installing condensate neutralizers on waste piping.

Panel experts from Solomon Gallegos — Advanced Hydronics, Pete Cassidy — Par Mechanical & Don Jones — Controlled Hydronics.


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