“Dinner with Dionysus,” Revived, 12/15-12/23

“Dinner with Dionysus,” Revived, 12/15-12/23

In 2013, Telluride Theatre performed an original play, “Dinner with Dionysus,” at Telluride’s Ah Haa School. What unfurled on stage was a sly, seductive and captivating story about a dinner party thrown by the god of wine; liberation and ritual madness ensued. Now the one-of-a-kind and fantastically intelligent production is back by popular demand. Telluride Theatre will perform the play Friday, Dec. 15- Saturday, Dec. 23 at 7 p.m. at the Palm Arts Complex’s Black Box Theatre. Performances take place Dec. 15-23 (with no show on Dec. 20), with after-show talkbacks on Dec. 18 and 22.

New this time around: The VIP Experience – “Dining with Dionysus,” featuring a seat at a 10-person table, catered food, and wine. It is a whole new way to experience the sexy show. 

Tickets are $20 general admission; $75 per person  for the VIP experience. Tickets are available here. 

As a way to celebrate 10 years of offering original theatre in town, Telluride Theatre let its members vote earlier this year on what play they would most like to see remounted. “Dionysus” was the winner.

This remount will feature the same plot: a group of people find themselves at a dinner party whose host is a mysterious and mischievous figure. Instead of just food, wine and conversation, they are in for a whole lot more.

Audiences should not, however, expect the same play they watched at the Ah Haa School four years ago. This “Dionysus” will feature a new cast, new scenes, new music and a story that’s been reworked and reimagined for 2017.

With direction by Sasha Sullivan; choreography by Lyndia Peralta; original music from Ethan Hale; and set design by Erika Bush.



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