BootDoctors in the House: 12 Days of Christmas, Ski Town Style

BootDoctors in the House: 12 Days of Christmas, Ski Town Style

This week, the BootDoctors in the House focuses on what’s on everyone’s mind during the holiday season: lists. And no matter how darn organized you are, there is likely to be at least one person among your Christmas shopping needs who has stopped you dead in your, by now, very tired tracks. Or some stocking that is just not stuffed full enough. Katie Klingsporn lays out the “12 Days of Christmas, Ski Town Style,” now for ideas about last-minute shopping.

Ski boots that maximize comfort. A backpack that could save your life. Gloves that are luxuriously warm. And a butt saucer for going downhill in style.

Weldon showing off Nordica Rider boots.

At BootDoctors, Dear Santa lists are inhabited not by jewelry or books or kitchen gadgets, but with gear. And this year, BootDoctors has put together its own advent calendar, filling its 12 days of Christmas not with partridges or leaping lords, but a few of its favorite things: outdoor goodies that ride the spectrum of price, function and aesthetic. From stocking stuffers to gifts for a sporty significant other to the big-ticket item you have to ask the man in red for, BootDoctors staff reveals their top picks for gifts in 2017.

Black Diamond Halo 28 Jet Force Backpack. The ultimate avalanche airbag for all-day ski tours in the San Juans, the Jet Force comes with a dedicated avy-tools pocket and Black Diamond’s JetForce inflation technology. As BootDoctors employee Matt Weldon puts it:“If Santa gets caught in an avalanche, he needs one of these.”

Weldon also loves this Jet Force backpack.

And for those all-important feet, Weldon loves the Nordica Rider ski boot for the ease of switching between walk/ski mode. It’ll make the transition from skiing to après skiing, he says, “easy-peasy.”

But hey. We’re not all skiers out there. And snowboarder Craig Seiving can’t make up his mind, so he is asking Santa for two boards: The Salomon Assassin, a super versatile board that can handle park features and all on-piste terrain. And the Salomon Super Eight, which is a perfect fit for the fast all-mountain charger who likes hike-to terrain and pow. “It’s nice and floaty,” he says.  

Chris Uihlein, meanwhile, has his heart on Faction’s Candide Thovex 3.0 Skis. If they are anything like their namesake, these things will fly. Paired with a Black Diamond Dawn Patrol 32 pack, they make the ultimate package for getting to the top of the mountains and back. He also has a recommendation for a stocking stuffer for serious skiers: the Master Fit Booster Strap, which, he says, “allows you to get a more dynamic flex out of your ski boot, increasing your performance, and have more fun on the mountain.

Craig & Chris tout these hot skis for Xmas.

In the winter, we’ve got to keep our hands warm. Hestra’s Wakayama gloves have you covered. Elena Withers says they should be called “Waka-YUMMY. These soft cowhide gloves are lined with wool terry — warm with great articulation and simply yummy.”

Elena models these “yummy” gloves, her pick for a holiday gift.

The entire BootDoctors staff, meanwhile, agrees that this one is a fav: Airblaster’s Ninja Suit. With 360-degree waist zip, incredible comfort and the new stylish intergalactic design, it’s the ultimate long underwear suit. From the couch to the mountain and back again, stay warm and wild.

Ninja suit, couch-to- mountain warmth.

BootDoctors isn’t forgetting about the kids. Zoe Cooper, daughter of BootDoctor’s employee Max Cooper, says Christmas is all about holiday rubber duckies. Yes, duckies … and the motorized toy gondola that you can see in the window of the main street store. The Telluride-branded gondola cabins and piston bully are great for Christmas displays, for people who love miniatures or anyone who wants a reminder of why we live here right in their living room.

Zoe’s picks

And finally, everyone needs a good butt saucer. And at $19.99, this one is a no-brainer. Channel your inner saucer boy, and Merry Christmas!




Editor’s note: “The (Boot)Doctor is in the House” is a series from beloved family-owned and operated outdoor retailer BootDoctors all about sharing the power of mountain life: adventure, style, gear, and community in the Telluride region. Here the good guys always get to ski powder and bag summits – and sunsets are always spectacular. For more about BootDoctors Ski, Snowboard & Bike Shop, go here.

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