Tuesdays at the Palm: E.T.

Tuesdays at the Palm: E.T.

Tuesdays at the Palm are presented by The Telluride Film Festival, Palm Arts, and the Telluride R1 School District. The showing of E.T. takes place Tuesday, November 14th at Michael D. Palm Theatre for the Performing Arts at 2:15 p.m. FREE TO ALL. Rated PG. Running time is 105 minutes.

This month’s free, educational Tuesdays at the Palm screening will feature E.T. THE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL. A collaboration between the Telluride Film Festival, Palm Arts and the Telluride R1 School District, the series invites students and their families, as well as community members, to watch films on the big screen on the school campus’ Michael D. Palm Theater for the Performing Arts.

Considered one of the greatest films ever made, Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece features a young Drew Barrymore (Gertie), Henry Thomas (Elliot) and Dee Wallace (Mary, their mother.). Rated as the fourth highest grossing film of all time, the story follows a lonely boy and his siblings who secretly befriend an extraterrestrial stranded on earth. They try to get E.T. back to his own planet as they develop a friendship with the gentle creature, all the while keeping his existence hidden from parents and the government. The idea for the film was based on Spielberg’s childhood imaginary friend whom he dreamed up after his parents’ divorce in 1960.

Listed among Roger Ebert’s “Great Movies,” the famed critic once wrote of the film, “This movie made my heart glad. It is filled with innocence, hope, and good cheer. It is also wickedly funny and exciting as hell…it is a movie like ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ that you can grow up with and grow old with, and it won’t let you down. It tells a story about friendship and love. Some people are a little baffled when they hear it described: It’s about a relationship between a little boy and a creature from outer space that becomes his best friend. That makes it sound like a cross between ‘The Thing’ and ‘National Velvet.’ It works as science fiction, it’s sometimes as scary as a monster movie, and at the end, when the lights go up, there’s not a dry eye in the house.”




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