EcoActions Partners: Electronic Recycling Available Locally, 10/20

EcoActions Partners: Electronic Recycling Available Locally, 10/20

Telluride-based EcoAction Partners is pleased to partner with CORRecycling, Inc. to bring easy electronics recycling to the Telluride region. On Friday, October 20,  11 a.n. – 3 p.m., EcoAction Partners and CORRecycling, Inc. are accepting unwanted electronics for proper disposal/recycling at Carhenge Parking Lot in Telluride. CORRecycling takes TVs, copiers, cell phones, rechargeable batteries, monitors, smart devices, and laptops. There is a fee for most items, but cell phones, wires, and rechargeable batteries are accepted at no cost. A few items are not accepted: smoke detectors with radioactive components and single-use batteries among them.

Why is it important to recycle electronics? Electronics are made with valuable resources and metals: a lot of energy is needed to mine and manufacture these components. In fact, over 80% of the energy associated with a laptop or desktop computer goes into its manufacturing—not their use.

Proper recycling ensures that chromium, beryllium, nickel, palladium, zinc, and brominated flame retardants and other earth damaging chemicals do not pollute the environment. The valuable materials and precious metals like gold and copper can be recovered from these items and used to make new equipment. Recycling electronics conserves the earth’s natural resources and avoids air and water pollution, as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

When recycling, never fear: data destruction and security concerns are properly addressed.

CORRecycling, Inc handles all data destruction prior to components being recycled. According to governmental regulations, there is a difference between erasing information and destroying it. CORRecycling, Inc. assures everyone that all information is wiped properly (actually destroyed) before electronics are recycled.

If data destruction is requested, each hard drive or memory device will be removed and catalogued. CORRecycling, Inc. will then run a Department of Defense-compliant data destruction sequence or physically shred the devices to protect all privacy. The procedure will be documented through a liability-  and HIPAA-compliant Certificate of Destruction.

“CORRecycling, Inc. is a great partner,” says Heather Knox, director, EcoAction Partners. “EcoAction Partners received calls requesting electronics recycling. We are pleased to bring this service to Telluride this fall.”

About EcoAction Partners:

EcoAction Partners is the Telluride region’s sustainability organization focusing on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy projects and tracking progress toward these goals. EcoAction Partners works with the community to reduce waste, increase local food supply and encourage other sustainable practices.

To learn more, get involved or volunteer, please contact Heather at

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