Fashion Friday: Looking Great In Every Shot

Fashion Friday: Looking Great In Every Shot

Fashion Friday 2.0 brings back a popular TIO fashion blog, first featuring Kristin Holbrook of Two Skirts, now brought to you by Erin Busbee and sponsored by Kristin and Two Skirts.

What goes around…

This week Erin’s focus is you – in focus.

Hate having your picture taken? Erin tells you how to look fabbie in every single shot – even if you don’t have her flawless skin, wide-set baby blues, Colgate smile, and knock-out bod. 


One of the tips you’ll see in the video (below), how angling your body slightly towards camera, will help make you look slimmer.


Even if it starts out forced, it will eventually lead to real laughter, which will create joyful, candid images.


Taking a photo from a low angle will make you look taller. Want to look slimmer through the face? Have the photographer shoot from a higher vantage point and down at you.


Shooting into the light can sometimes creates magic, even a sun flare.
MOST of the time, you should shoot with the sun at your back – or in the sun into the model’s face.

If it’s the middle of the day, find shade. The best times to shoot for the most flattering lighting are sunrise and sunset.

You can also try using the sun as a hair light and place yourself/friend …so just the back of their head is lit by the sun.


Some of my all-time favorite pictures are ones in which I’m walking, jumping, twirling, etc.

Don’t be afraid to move your body – that is, if the photographer knows how to adjust the camera settings.

Even rocking back and forth, with one foot in front of the other, can do the trick.


It’s easy to forget about your hands…

Try to find something natural and deliberate for them to do.

Put them in your pockets like in the picture (above), on your bag, holding your lapel, touching your hair, etc.


The best light is often natural light. Just stand facing the window and take your shot.

Or set your camera up in the window, facing indoors.

There are MANY more tips in the video above.

These are just a few…

Be sure to watch the video for more ideas.

Get the picture?…


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More about Erin Busbee:

Erin Busbee is the go-to style expert for busy women over 40 juggling life. She provides simple, step-by-step guidance, through video tutorials, how to blog posts, and modern shopping suggestions.

Her mission is to empower women to become more confident and stylish…to, “look like they have their act together, even if they don’t.”

After years of working as an award-winning journalist, most notably at WCBS in New York, a marriage and a move to Texas prompted Erin to start in 2009, specializing in styling “real” women. Now, Erin focuses her attention on the blog,, and YouTube channel, BusbeeStyle TV, in an effort to reach women all over the world.

Erin has appeared on “Good Morning America,” “CBS 2 News” and several Texas-based lifestyle TV shows. She has collaborated with major brands like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Procter & Gamble.

Additionally, Erin speaks before corporations, colleges and charities including JAFRA Cosmetics, HEB, Texas State University and Fort Sam Houston.

Erin’s most important role is being a mom to eight-year-old Gage and five-year-old Elizabeth.

More about Two Skirts:

Kristin Holbrook & Joanne Brown, co-owners, Two Skirts.

Two Skirts is a high-end women’s boutique with two locations: Telluride, Colorado and San Francisco, California. The store carries apparel, accessories, make-up, shoes, and jewelry.

It is fair to say that the history of Two Skirts began down the road a piece: Kristin followed the man who became her husband, (Kevin), who followed his ski school client, Joanne Brown, from Vail to Telluride.

“Kevin decided Telluride was going to be the next great place, so he moved to town in 1998. I followed in 1999 with a desire to open a business for two reasons: 1) I wanted to have something of my own to keep me in this remote town since I knew my husband would never leave; and 2), the timing seemed right to become an entrepreneur in Telluride,” explained Kristin.

Kristin approached Joanne about partnering in a women’s boutique.

The concept for Two Skirts was born in 2000.

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