Telluride Foundation: New Chang-Chavin 1st-Generation Scholarship

Telluride Foundation: New Chang-Chavin 1st-Generation Scholarship

The Telluride Foundation announces a new scholarship program that seeks to elevate the success of first-generation-to-college students in five regional school districts.


The process of applying to colleges, completing financial aid paperwork, and paying for tuition is daunting for any student, however, for students who are first generation in their family to go to college, these tasks can be even more challenging. A new program at Telluride Foundation will help first-generation-to-college students with a dream of going to college overcome these challenges and obstacles.

The Foundation is working with philanthropists Arnie Chavkin and Laura Chang to develop the Chang-Chavkin First Generation Scholars Program. This new initiative will provide resources and financial support to low-income, first-generation high school students, helping them to pursue and complete a college education:

“While there are many programs focusing on low-income, first-generation students in urban areas, very few programs focus on rural students,” said Chavkin. “Given the opportunity, we are confident that many of our local first-generation students with a desire to further their education after high school, can access quality college educations. We plan to help them do that.”

The Scholars Program will provide resources to students and parents in five regional school districts –  Norwood, Ouray, Ridgway, Telluride, and the West End – in three ways:

1) Working with high school guidance counselors to provide targeted support to students and their families;

2) Awarding college scholarships, and;

3) Providing “wrap-around” support while the students are in college to help ensure their graduation.

The Foundation expects to award four to five scholarships in 2018 and will help cover each student’s college expenses over four years.

In order to implement the goals of the Scholars Program, the Telluride Foundation is hiring a “Student Advocate,” who will be a full-time employee at the Foundation. The Student Advocate will augment college counseling resources in each of the five school districts to ensure first-generation families have access to the help they need to work through the college and financial aid application processes.

The Student Advocate will also provide support to students while they are in college to help ensure  the support and resources they need to be able to stay in school and graduate.

A full description of the Chang-Chavkin Scholars Program and the Student Advocate job description is located on the Telluride Foundation website for the Program description and here for the job description.


About the Telluride Foundation:

The Telluride Foundation is committed to create a stronger Telluride community through the promotion and support of philanthropy. It is a nonprofit, apolitical community foundation that provides year-round support for local organizations involved in arts, education, athletics, charitable causes, land conservation and other community-based efforts through technical assistance, education and grant making. As a grant maker, The Foundation awards grants to qualified applicants that serve the people living and working in the Telluride area for the purpose of enhancing the quality of life within the region.

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