All That Jazz: Gumble Hits It Out Of the (Town) Park

All That Jazz: Gumble Hits It Out Of the (Town) Park

It was a Gene Kelly moment.

A weekend full of “Singing in the Rain.”

But that did not seem to dampen the mood of the crowd because the music, all that jazz, the entire line-up, no exceptions, was good enough to warm the heart  – if not the hands and feet.

Plus the management provided its guests with umbrellas.

Yes, big white umbrellas.

Because at the 41st annual Telluride Jazz Festival, the devil was in the details: from that star-studded line-up – Mavis, can we clone you? –  to out-of-the-box educational initiatives such as the brand new Telluride Jazz Adventure Academy; fabbie food and drink, “Bubbles & Bloodies,” best bourbon ever; face-painting, costumes, and parades (for kids of all ages); over-the-top amenities for patrons, including special programming, covered on-stage viewing with an open bar, wining and dining backstage and, for a lucky few, glamping tents complete with  fire pits. (Tent #3 is already booked for next year.)

But wait, there was more: Jazz After Dark featuring some of the weekend highlights, including FatsO, The Suffers, Ranky Tanky, hotties Miles Mosley and the West Coast Get Down, Cha WA Mardi Gras Band and (Divine) Davina and The Vagabonds; free entertainment in Elks Park on the Society Stage; yoga classes; historical walking tour (in association with the Telluride Historical Museum); and a jazzy Art Walk (in association with Telluride Arts).

The incomparable Mavis Staples, Jazz Fest closer. Small wonder Dylan wanted to marry her back when.


Lee Fields sparkled.


Cha Wa, psychedelic razzle dazzle.


Hazel Miller, saving souls with her gospel set on Sunday.


Kan Franklin strutted her stuff as wowza lead singer in the Suffers.


Caleb Chapman’s Voodoo Orchestra nearly stole the show.


Davina (and the Vagabonds), a hot combo of Bette Midler & Mama Cass –with a little Nina Simone thrown in for good measure.


Miles Mosley (of the West Coast Get Down) stole hearts. His is the face of Jazz 2.0.


Dr. John (of the Funky Meters), a living legend.

This year, for the first time ever, Steve Gumble of SBG Productions (Telluride Blues & Brews and the Durango Blues Train) helmed the Telluride Jazz Festival.

Steve is, without doubt, a student of cool with a Ph.D in festival production. He and his team, including all the hard-working volunteers, spared no effort, no expense, to ensure a good time was had by all.

And Steve & Co, hit it out of the (Town) Park.

No one rained on his parade.


And since a (moving) picture is worth a thousand words, check out these video summaries of the weekend.

Friday: song, “Ranky Tanky” by Ranky Tanky.

Saturday: song, “Cha Wa Got Fiya,” by Cha Wa Mardi Gras Indian Band.

Sunday:  song, “John Henry,” by Vaud and the Villains.

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