Telluride Arts & Telluride Jazz Fest: August Art Walk, Jazz Edition

  Telluride Arts & Telluride Jazz Fest: August Art Walk, Jazz Edition

Telluride Arts’ First Thursday Art Walk is a festive celebration of the art scene in downtown Telluride for art lovers, community, and friends. Participating venues host receptions from 5 –8 p.m. to introduce new exhibits.

This month, in the run up to the Telluride Jazz Festival, for the first time ever five galleries are scheduled to host live jazz during Art Walk. A variety of jazz quartets and trios will serenade Art Walk participants.

One of the big show opening with this month’s Art Walk is “Objective” at the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art,curated by the artist featured at the gallery in July, James Hayward. (Overview here.) In addition, three local favorites are featured: Christopher Beaver at Telluride Arts HQ, Ally Crilly at Ah Haa and Ryan Bonneau at Slate Gray.

And all that jazz.


Guitar, Telluride Music Company. Special for the August Art Walk, live music there and at other venues in the run up to the Telluride Jazz Festival starting August 4.

Thanks to a collaboration between Telluride Arts and Telluride Jazz Festival, five galleries are hosting live jazz music from 5-8 p.m. for Art Walk: Jazz Edition. This is the first time Telluride Arts has collaborated with a festival to present music during Art Walk: MiXX projects + atelier, Telluride Gallery of Fine Art, Elinoff Gallery, Telluride Arts HQ and Baked in Telluride are venues for The Speakeasy Quartet, Soundhouse Quartet, Crescent Quartet, The McCarthy Trio, and The Abstract Quartet respectively.

“We are so excited to have live jazz during this month’s Art Walk,” states Pepper Raper, communications director, Telluride Arts. “We think it will really enhance the evening. We are thankful to Telluride Jazz for extending the festival beyond Town Park and into the community.”

All performances are free and open to the public.

Tune into Open Art Radio on KOTO from 12-1 p.m. on Thursday to hear interviews with the artists and galleries. A free Gallery Guide offers a self-guided tour that can be used at any time to find galleries that are open most days. Gallery Guides are available at participating venues and at the Telluride Arts Headquarters located across from the Library at 135 West Pacific.

Art Walk venues, August:

Ah Haa School for the Arts
American Bookbinding Academy
Baked in Telluride
Elinoff & Co. Gallery
Gallery 81435
Lustre Gallery
Medicine Ranch
MiXX Projects + atelier
Slate Gray Gallery
Studio G
Telluride Arts HQ Gallery
Telluride Gallery of Fine Art
Telluride Music Co.
Tony Newlin Gallery
Voodoo Studios

Ah Haa School for The Arts, Little Red Riding Hood: A Journey of the Wild in Women and Wolves by Ally Crilly

The show is a result of studies done with Madhuri Martin, Judyth Hill, and Robert Weatherford with thanks to Ah Haa School for the Arts.

“At first I thought I was the little girl in the red hood. Lured in by a wolf to be ravaged. But I am really tired of the story of the woman being the victim, needing to be rescued. As I’m researching and painting, I am seeing myself as the wolf more. These folk tales are the story of the psyche told over and over. I have always wondered why the wolf ate the grandmother. And how could she not tell it was the wolf? As an adult I can see wishful thinking, the wolf as the medicine for transformation, red blood, sex, and more,” explains Ally.

American Academy of Bookbinding, Custom Stamping with Metallic Foils


This month at AAB, learn about custom stamping with metallic foils. Get hands-on with AAB’s Kwik-Print stamping machine and stamp your own bookmark to take home. AAB will also have simple demonstrations of sewing a text block and paring leather, as well as a looping presentation of the Open Set exhibition currently touring the United States.

The American Academy of Bookbinding is an internationally known, degree-oriented bookbinding school that offers book enthusiasts of all levels the opportunity to initiate and improve their skills in a generous and supportive learning environment. The Academy conducts intensive courses in the fine art of leather binding, book restoration, repair, preservation practices and related subjects. The goal of the Academy is to provide a level of excellence in bookbinding education and, for those interested, graduate professional-level binders who have the knowledge and skills to produce the highest quality work and the ability to pass on those skills to the next generation.

Baked in Telluride – Jerry Oyama

Jazz Festival brings a display of Jerry Oyama’s new paintings featuring large, colorful images of musicians, athletes, dancers and animals. Live jazz on the porch.

Gallery 81435, Although He Was Not My Kind I Followed Him Anyway, Dabbs Anderson

Dabbs Anderson is a multi-media artist based out of Los Angeles and Placerville. She received her B.F.A from the University of Mississippi in 2008 and has exhibited her work internationally for the past decade. A combination of strong imagination and a medley of unique materials allows Anderson to to bring us into a world entirely her own. Her sculptural work, often in the form of puppets, explores themes of communication between the conscious and the unconscious mind, while her drawing and paintings are the result of a  history of mark-making and illustration that unfold the secrets of a hidden world beyond everyday reality.

A year ago, Dabbs Anderson moved from Los Angeles to a remote property in Colorado. Of the many places Anderson lived before, her time in the San Juans has been one of the most nurturing and challenging chapters.

Colorado has brought Anderson back to the sources of her inspiration—nature, solitude, exploration, and imagination. She found freedom in the vast space of rural living, allowing her to work larger and with more volatile materials—such as gunpowder, a blowtorch, bacon, and resin—while also infusing the usual suspects, paint and pencils, with everyday mundane waste like used tea bags.

“There is an undeniable sense of danger and power in using fire to create a drawing; and there lies a grotesque, but grounding beauty in using bacon to create a painting. Perhaps the combination of the two is all-American,” she explains.

The title of the show, “Although He Was Not My Kind I Followed Him Anyway,” was inspired by the late, great Southern writer Barry Hannah.

Lustre, Lluis Masriera & Jewelmer Golden South Sea Pearls

Lustre Gallery showcases the Art Nouveau jewels of Lluis Masriera and the Jewelmer Golden South Sea Pearls.

The name Masriera was inseparable from the artistic and cultural life of Barcelona in the last decades of the 19th century and on through the first several decades of the 20th century. Celebrating flora, fauna and the magical fusion of woman and nature, Masriera’s jewels spawned iconic fairies, nymphs and naiads.

Farmed in the Philippines and selected for their utmost beauty, the Jewelmer Golden South Sea pearls incorporate the select 2-3% of their harvest into designs of their own creation.

The trunk shows continue through Sunday.

MiXX Projects + Atelier, Marco Grassi

MiXX Projects + Atelier presents a solo exhibition by Marco Grassi featuring his latest large-scale, mixed media paintings and watercolor studies.

For the past 10 years, Milanese-born Grassi has been developing his highly nuanced, unique figurative style of painting into a ground-breaking body of work. He depicts the female figure in a series of work which incorporate metal leaf, oil paint and lacquer.

Grassi’s visual language has remained constant despite formal constraints and diversity of medium. Characterized by a singular, resonant vision and sensitivity from figure to figure, Grassi’s subjects are delicate and sensual.

Featured in MiXX’s Projects space is also Sante Fe-based Ellen Koment and her encaustic work, as well as Liz Leventhal’s abstract mixed-media paintings.

Medicine Ranch, Alyce Levy

Medicine Ranch is showing the work of Alyce Levy, which takes a modern and colorful approach to natural materials such as antlers, wood slices, skulls and other reclaimed pieces sourced from the great outdoors.

Levy paints and decorates such pieces with bright, shiny, or sparkly objects creating a modern colorful splash while remaining rooted in nature.

Picaya, Joanne Taplin

Joanne Taplin has found her niche as a metals artisan. Though her work has evolved to fit a unique style that marries formal elements of medieval art with that of Frank Lloyd Wright’s clean, simple Arts and Crafts lines, she adds organic elements too: a slumped glass shade atop a hard-angled metal base results in a unique, but balanced piece.

Joanne Taplin has a home, husband, children and metals studio in Ridgway and is rooted in the soil of Colorado.

Slate Gray, “Telluride Outdoors,” featuring photographer Ryan Bonneau

The San Juan Mountains have been Ryan’s backyard for the last 16 years and it is in their jagged peaks and wildflower meadows that he is most at home. Growing up in rural Vermont, Ryan developed a deep love for wild places at a very early age. His photography has been featured in National Geographic Adventure, Outside, Sierra Club, Backpacker, the Arizona Tourism Department and a variety of other publications. In recent years, Ryan has branched out into real estate photography but it is his eye for capturing stunning landscapes of Telluride that often leave people speechless.

Telluride Arts HQ Gallery, “Emergence”

What was once a wildly conceptual installation has transformed into a simple statement about the artist’s inner self, a genuine exposure and emergence. While mediums vary throughout, each in different ways reflects the uncharted territory of what Christopher Beaver describes as his “inner sanctuary,” the things Beaver finds most sacred in life and marriage which guide and influence all his creations.

Christopher Beaver’s longtime passion and commitment to self-healing and personal growth has given life to his creative voice. He is a published author, an internationally known and respected teacher, and a student of many disciplines, from Buddhism to shamanic philosophies. His artistic expressions have lead him down the path of jewelry and working in PMC, a silver-based clay form.

This exhibit is his first venture into exploring past the boundaries of metal and stone.

Telluride Gallery of Fine Art, “Objective,” a show featuring 12 Artists curated by James Hayward. (See related post describing the show in depth.)



James Hayward has carefully curated a wide variety of artists, primarily from the West Coast, ranging from emerging young painters to mid-career internationally recognized artists. Several artists will be in attendance for the opening reception and will give artist talks.

“I personally know, admire, respect and collect most of the painters I have included in this show. I chose the title, Objective, as it seemed sufficiently open to include figurative, landscape, allegorical, portrait, nature, fantasy and the surreal. I have tried not to focus on any one aspect of image making,” says Hayward of his show curation.

View paintings by Tom Allen, Diane Best, Gregory Botts, Amy-Claire Heists, Brian Fahlstrom, Frank Gaard, Steve Galloway, Ed Johnson, Julia Lacker, Rae Lewis, Max Maslansky and Dan McCleary at Telluride Gallery through the month of August.

Telluride Music Company, featuring Emily Scott Robinson

With numerous song-writing competition wins and accolades, occasional Telluride local Emily Scott Robinson is establishing herself as an up-and-coming force in the Americana genre. Her songs draw on a variety of raw, relatable human emotions and experiences and her careful choice of words and attention to detail invite listeners to share in the song’s honesty, intimacy and depth.

The evening’s featured instrument, a stunning C.F. Martin D-41 guitar in the rare Ambertone sunburst—with its careful abalone inlays and upper-end appointments—is the perfect match to a voice that is as pure and true as the song’s content.

This stop offers an intimate Art Walk performance not to be missed.

Tony Newlin Gallery

The Tony Newlin Gallery will be featuring two new releases, limited-edition images captured this winter in Yellowstone National Park: Frosty Bison and Solace.


Voodoo Studios

Telluride Arts’ newest studio center features the work of five different local artists and is located between the Marshall’s Department and skate park in the old Voodoo lounge. Stop by to speak with the artists and see what they are up to.

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