Club Red: MarchFourth, 7/29

Club Red: MarchFourth, 7/29

Beyond the Groove is pleased to present the MarchFourth Marching Band returning to Telluride to perform at Club Red in the Telluride Conference Center, Mountain Village The show takes place Saturday, July 29. Doors open 8 p.m. Tickets are $25-$45 here. All ages. 

Scroll down to watch M4 in action.

All shows at Club Red are produced by Denise Mongan of Beyond the Groove Productions, with major support by Telluride Ski & Golf, the Telluride Conference Center, Inn at Lost Creek, and the Peaks Resort and Spa. For more information, go here. 

Club Red

It should come as little surprise to learn the band’s start was a Mardi Gras gig in their hometown of Portland, Oregon.

On March 4th.

MarchFourth is an internationally-acclaimed, genre-breaking force in the world of entertainment.

It nets down to a sonic explosion delivered by about 20 souls – musicians, dancers, acrobats and artisans – who travel the world year-round, taking audience members of all ages, from all walks of life, on a foot-stomping, booty-shaking, soul-stirring journey that defies categorization.

Percussive, brassy and funky, M4’s show is a kinetic display of musical chops and circus-y visual delights.

The band pulls its myriad influences from swampy Louisiana groove to Afro-Brazilian jungle beats, with serious tips of the hat to the Gypsy traditions, all the while flying the American musical flags of funk, rock and jazz. The spectacle is enough to make your brain explode like, well, July 4th – but in a good way.

Though they call themselves a marching band, don’t expect the precisely patterned moves of a traditional, collegiate marching band.

Obviously not.

What M4 does is something more visceral and way less regimented.

The group appears in marching band-cum-Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test costumes, then fills the senses with a kaleidoscopic performance comprised of stilt walkers, hoopers and Vaudeville-style dancers. Rhythmic movement combined with that driving, infectious beat combined with an over-the-top spectacle tends to whip audiences into a celebratory frenzy.

Not dancing is simply not an option.

This is not a band that simply does the usual: “putting on a show.”

MarchFourth delivers a multi-faceted, indelible experience of pure, kinetic joy– as below:





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