Telski & BootDoctors Present: “The Fourth Phase,” 12/2

Telski & BootDoctors Present: “The Fourth Phase,” 12/2

The Telluride Ski Resort & BootDoctors host a fundraiser for San Miguel Search & Rescue. The event, a screening of “The Fourth Phase,” takes place Friday, December 2. Doors are at 6 p.m.; 7 p.m. is a drawing. Film scheduled for 7:30 p.m., all at the Telluride Mountain Village Conference Center.

Draw for Osprey packs, Black Diamond touring skins and headlamp; Telluride Ski Resort  six-day punch card; GoPro Hero4 Black Cameras; BootDoctors Tunes, Backcountry Kit Kit Rentals, Fat Tire Bike Rentals, Custom Footbeds; Telluride Brewing Company Gift certificate and more. 

Information and presentations from Colorado Avalanche Information Center, San Miguel Search and Rescue, CAIC “Know Before You Go” Program.

Tickets for $10 to SAR available at BootDoctors now or at the door.


For the first time since dropping what’s widely considered to be the best action sports movie of all time, “The Art of Flight,”  Travis Rice and other top snowboarding talent will return to the big screen for our viewing pleasure. Rice’s highly anticipated new project promises to raise the bar yet again for the genre.

“It has taken everything I have learned over my life to prepare for what the past several years has challenged us with,” Rice said. “Immersion into the winter wilderness with a few trusted comrades and a vow to not ride anything we have ever ridden before has made this the most exciting project yet. We have a team of some of the most committed riders, and a production crew that has gone all in.”

This is the first snowboard movie filmed entirely with 4K cameras, and no expenses were spared en route to this compilation of what is sure to be some timeless ripping from a very, very stacked cast. Rice is joined by Mark Landvik, Mikkel Bang, Eric Jackson, Pat Moore and Bryan Iguchi and they’re filmed in a fashion like you’ve never seen before.


The project has been a multi-year production and Rice has run a pretty tight ship over the course of the filming thus far. His social media accounts have become vague and useless tracking mechanisms for his travels, as he makes sure to digitally cover up his footprints after every step onto fresh powder.

The film is under the directorial savvy of a two-man team, Curt Morgan and Jon “JK” Klaczkiewicz, both action sports heavyweights and visionaries within the snowboarding world.

“Making this film has been one of the most challenging yet gratifying experiences in my life,” said Morgan, CEO of Brain Farm and the same director who worked with Rice on “That’s It, That’s All” and “The Art of Flight.” “Our team has pushed deep into the backcountry with new technology in hopes to capture snowboarding in a way it has never been seen before.”


Vanity Fair says about The Fourth Phase:

“How does the top snowboarder in the world top The Art of Flight? By risking it all on a four-year journey to make the shredder’s equivalent of a National Geographic movie…..This is a snowboarding movie for people who don’t snowboard. A National Geographic special that visits corners of the world accessible only by helicopter and that just happens to have the most fearless snowboarders barreling down near-vertical slopes. It is, as Rice says throughout the film, about embracing the unknown,” Bill Bradley.

Check out the trailer for “The Fourth Phase” here:

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