Telluride Arts: Art Walk, October

Telluride Arts: Art Walk, October

Telluride Arts’ First Thursday Art Walk is a festive celebration of the arts in downtown Telluride for art lovers, community, and friends. Participating venues host receptions from 5 –8 p.m. to introduce their new exhibits and artists. A free gallery guide offers a self-guided tour that can be used any time to find galleries open most days. Guides are available at participating venues and at the Telluride Arts offices located in the Stronghouse Studios + Gallery at 283 South Fir Street. Listen to Open Art Radio on KOTO from 12-1 p.m. on First Thursdays to hear interviews with the artists. 

Colored chalk has been used for thousands of years.

Prehistoric cave painting in southern France, Spain, and South Africa show that early man worked with red, white, and ochre earth pigments and burnt bone when creating these earliest color paintings.

A work made by one Italian master in the 16th century in which Guid Reni used a variety of colored chalks still survives, a rare thing because, for centuries, pastels were used only for preliminary studies and can be an impermanent medium.

Neighbor’s Backyard, Sally Strand

Neighbor’s Backyard, Sally Strand

Fast forward to the 19th century, when a a group of renegade artists collectively known as the Impressionists changed the course of art history in a number of significant ways. One of the group, Edgar Degas, put pastel art on the map. Before Degas, the word “pastel” was synonymous with with effete color. Collectors did not take the medium seriously.

Sally Strand is one of a number of high profile pastel artists in the stable of Telluride Gallery of Fine Arts, a list which also includes Bruce Gomez, Doug Dawson, Carole Katchen, and Deborah Bay.

Plus with White Cup, Strand

Plums with White Cup, Strand

Brandishing her colored sticks, Strand loves to tease the magic out of everyday objects and ordinary places and situations: train stations, restaurants, pears, a bowl of flowers, eggs, an unmade bed. The quotidian then becomes a placeholder for Strand’s real subject: catching the light as it changes from moment to moment.

Although her work is representational, Strand is anything but a strict realist. Look closely at her color choices: her palette is there to create a mood, rather than depict what is actually in front of our eyes. In a very real sense, Strand helps her viewer see rather than simply look.

Pillows, Strand

Pillows, Strand

Strand once told Telluride Inside…and Out: “Success to me is when you can take an ordinary head of lettuce and cause someone to give it a second glance.”

Sally Strand is recognized by the Pastel Society of America as a Master Pastelist and a member of its  Hall of Fame. After years of producing major work and being honored for her artistic accomplishments, she returned to college to earn an MFA in oil painting – 40 years after her first degree.

Lose No Time, Strand

Lose No Time, Strand

The show at the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art, 130 East Colordo, highlights Strand’s extraordinary pastels as well as her new work in oil continues through Art Walk.

October Art Walk also features a show by painter Ying Li, in town for the Telluride Painting Academy at the Ah Haa School; a major show by poet Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer  and artist Jill Sabella at Telluride Arts’ uber hip Gallery 81435; and MiXX features by notable local artists.Telluride Arts’ newest space, soul & matter presents sculpture, painting and jewelry.

In Mountain Village, at Madeline Hotel and Residences, check out an ongoing display of original paintings inspired by the Colorado landscape; also graphite portraits by Adam W. Carlos.

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Featured Art Walk Venues: (Detailed information below.)

Adam W. Carlos Fine Art

Ah Haa School For the Arts

Alpine Wellness

Baked in Telluride


Elinoff & Co. Gallery

Gallery 81435

Gold Mountain Gallery

Kamruz Gallery

La Cocina de Luz

La Marmotte

Lustre Gallery

LDGiles Art & Design Gallery (aka. Happy Print)

Lustre Gallery

Madeline Hotels and Residences

MiXX projects + atelier

Medicine Ranch

Murphy Modern Gallery at Arroyo

Oh-Be-Joyful Gallery


Randy Stephens Photography

Slate Gray Gallery

Studio G

Stronghouse Gallery

Telluride Arts’ Soul & Matter Gallery

Telluride Gallery of Fine Art

The Turquoise Door Gallery

Tony Newlin Gallery

Wizard Emporium


Exhibit Information, a few highlights:

Adam W. Carlos Fine Art, Mountain Village Core, Suite 102

Art Walk expands to Mountain Village this year with Adam W. Carlos Fine Art offering exclusive graphite pencil portraiture. Adam’s patience and attention to detail yields stunning images that capture the true character and personalities of his subjects. His painstaking dedication to accuracy makes Adam’s portraits, landscapes, and equestrian drawings become the centerpiece of a room without overpowering the space. The Portrait and Landscape Gallery is located in the Mountain Village core next to Reflection Plaza.

Adam Carlosjpeg

Ah Haa School for the Arts, 300 South Townsend 

For Art Walk, Ah Haa holds a Telluride Painting School Open House. Guests and supporters will be able to view students’ work from Ying Li’s class, “The Figure and the Natural World with Ying Li.”




In this intensive painting workshop, students explored new techniques and concepts in painting with an emphasis on individual development of style and theme. Students investigated various approaches to representational and abstract painting, as well as metaphor in figure and landscape paintings. Working from live models and landscape, participants discovered how a basic image could be transformed into a personal statement through the process of painting. Students were encouraged to experiment with ideas and techniques with the purpose of developing their “voice” on canvas.

Baked in Telluride, 127 South Fir 


The featured artist at Baked in Telluride is Randye Mandell, local artist and participant in Ah Haa painting sessions. Her whimsical, yet deep-seated imagery is based on fairy tales and legends. Also included are colorful plein air landscapes from around the area, capturing the special environment of Telluride.

Gallery 81435

the house on fire

the house on fire

Gallery 81435 presents “In Three Lines.” For two years artist Jill Sabella and poet Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer experimented with simplicity—a leaning toward less and the more that blossoms out of it. They took turns sending each other work to respond to. The result: 45 intimate pairings, in which three-line drawings and three-line poems reflect each other. Some are framed individually and others are framed as triptychs. The result: Elegant. Provocative. Inviting. Poignant.

(For further details, see related story here.)

MiXX projects + atelier, 307 East Colorado 




This month MiXX closes great summer season on a high note, featuring notable local artists such as Danielle DeRoberts, Britt Markey, Brittany Hale, Molly Perrault, and Pam Conrad.

MiXX could not be happier or more honored than to grace its walls with the work by these talented local artists.

As a thank you to our wonderful Telluride community, come enjoy a big end of season party with a DJ, friendly faces, and big discounts.

Slate Gray Gallery,209 E. Colorado, Unit A 


October Art Walk at Slate Gray is inspired by weather and the elements.

Artist Niki Woehler is rapidly becoming one of the most collectible artists in the West. Her modern and abstract paintings are filled with lines, layers, and textures that populate otherwise smooth façades..Slate Gray Gallery exhibits “Elemental” for the month of October, Woehler’s collection of paintings inspired by objects that have been ravaged by nature and other elements.

Highly textured, Woehler’s works are comprised of materials such as acrylics, metal, graphite, amethyst, quartz, and pyrite. She rarely uses brushes, opting instead for a variety of untraditional tools like trowels and rakes to evoke sensational layers. Woehler is drawn to imperfect details; the artist loves telling stories that resonate with the beauty of weathered time, a perspective magnified or obscured by rain, eroded rocks, and metal etched with rust.

soul & matter, 135 West Pacific

Telluride Arts’ new office space just across from the Library contains a contemporary gallery space. The gallery, which features new artists and jewelers monthly, presents the sculpture work of Matthew Adams, the paintings of Emily Ballou, along with the hand-made porcelain jewelry of Veldt Marfa.









Ballou gathers inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounds her on the Western Slope of Colorado. Additionally, the artist finds recent trends in design and fashion inspire her abstractions, all the vibrant variety of colors and interesting textures.

Ballou is a contemporary, who works primarily in acrylics, but also experiments with other materials such as wood stain, gold leaf, and varnishes in order to create intriguing surfaces and styles.

Emily Ballou is grateful for the inspiration and creativity that thrives in our box canyon, as well as the support that the Telluride community and Telluride Arts provide to artists. She is a Telluride local with a very full life, working in the lodging/marketing industry, owning a small business (Bridal Veil Floral), plugging into the local community, and staying busy with her new baby boy. But Ballou’s true passion is letting her creativity pour out onto canvas; painting is what keeps her calm and grounded when life gets overly hectic.

Matthew Adams enjoys exploring the boundless possibilities of form, while integrating rhythm, movement, and balance into his art. His goal is to create lasting art that provides a captivating, tactile, and poetic experience.

Adams studied art at the University of Colorado, apprenticed at Moravian Pottery and Tile Works, then went on to receive an MFA in ceramics from the Rhode Island School of Design. Before moving to Telluride last December, Matthew lived in Taos, New Mexico, making art and teaching clay at the University of New Mexico for the past 15 years.

Telluride Arts Gallery also features the jewelry of Veldt-Marfa.

Veldt-Marfa is the creation of Glen and LéAna Clifton, an artistic duo living in Marfa, Texas. The hand-made porcelain forms, designed and made exclusively in their tiny studio, are the artists’ ultimate form of self-expression: beautiful, minimal and sensual forms, distilled to their essence. Art that you can feel and wear.

Using a unique process, the pieces have a buttery-smooth, highly tactile surface. The naked porcelain is fully vitrified, which makes it one of the most durable materials on earth. Being handmade means each piece is slightly different from the piece before it, and quite personal.

The show runs until November 29, 2016 at Telluride Arts Soul & Matter Gallery, located at 135 W Pacific in Telluride, Colorado. Open daily from 12-6pm or by appointment.

Stronghouse Studios + Gallery, 283 South Fir

With the Telluride Arts Offices relocated, the Stronghouse Studios + Gallery is brimming with artists and will continue as a program of Telluride Arts for as long as possible. The gallery space will feature artwork created by the artists in residence at the Stronghouse Studios. The featured artists in July include Josephine Fallenius, Clarissa Fortier, David Brankley, and Kevin Pashayan, a passionate young artist specializing in graffiti and stencil art.


Kevin Pashayan

Kevin Pashayan

For more, go to Telluride Arts.



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