Sheridan Opera House: Halloween Monster Mash

Sheridan Opera House: Halloween Monster Mash

Telluride’s Sheridan Arts Foundation, the nonprofit which owns and operates the Sheridan Opera House, plans to open the newly tricked out SHOW Bar Friday, October 28 and Saturday, October 29 for a Halloween Monster Mash Bash.

The event features a $6 Belvedere drink specials, DJ Dr. Seano, and a costume contest. Bar opens at 6 p.m; Dr. Seano begins at 8 p.m.; costume contest at 9 p.m.

The Monster Mash is FREE. Everyone is welcome to come down to check out the new bar in their best costumes.

The Sheridan Arts Foundation is awarding tickets to our ski films for the Best Dressed each night.


More about the SHOW Bar:

The new SHOW bar, which opened October 4, features beer on tap, an authentic Brunswick-style bar from the late-1800s, antique tin ceiling tiles, original theater seats from the upstairs theater and fixtures to match the 103-year-old venue’s historic nature. The project also included an Americans with Disabilities Act compliant lift at the entrance and ADA compliant bathrooms adjacent to the bar. Extensive electrical and ventilation updates were also incorporated in the old building.

The SHOW Bar will be open before, during and after concerts events in the theater upstairs, also for smaller events such as singer-songwriters in the bar only.

The Sheridan Arts Foundation hopes to see increased revenue and offer a larger variety of entertainment to the public.

The Opera House SHOW Bar was built by Osborne Builders and designed by Sefra Maples Interior Design and Consulting; architectural consulting with Peter Lundeen of FUSE architecture + interior.

Michael Osborne, the owner of Osborne Builders, explained that the space will be more than just another bar in Telluride. “It’s set up specifically for the Opera House,” he said. “It’s a quaint little setting.” 

The SOH’s previous bar, the Vaudeville Bar, was tucked away on the third floor of the building and only open during theater events. The space the new bar now occupies, which is to the left of the first floor box office, was referred to as the Gallery Room and used infrequently as rehearsal space, meetings, dance classes, and rentals.

“The Gallery Room was perhaps the most under-utilized space in the town of Telluride given its prime location and size,” said Arts Foundation President Steve Palamar, who spearheaded the project along with the SAF board of directors.

“Upon purchase or pick-up of tickets, guests can either move directly into the new bar for a drink, or proceed upstairs for seating,” he said. “After performances, they can also go to our bar for a nightcap rather than going to another establishment down the street.”

The project required approval from the Town of Telluride’s Historical Architectural Review Commission, which is unusual because HARC historically has only reviewed exterior projects, and due to the Sheridan Opera House’s historic nature, this interior project required approval as well.

“This improvement is a continuation of our efforts to provide the Telluride community with a truly outstanding historic venue,”  Palamar added.

The Sheridan Arts Foundation was founded in 1991 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to restore and preserve the historic Sheridan Opera House, Telluride’s Crown Jewel, built in 1913. Since the SAF’s inception, the foundation has worked tirelessly to restore the Sheridan Opera House including redoing the theater’s historic stencils, addressing safety issues in the aging building, restoring the theater’s original maple flooring and most recently, building a new entry way to replicate the building’s original entry structure.

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