Ah Haa: More Public Parking

Ah Haa: More Public Parking

In general, Telluride Inside… and Out eschews politics of any kind. We try to remain neutral. But the following letter from Telluride’s Ah Haa School for the Arts is not about politics; it is about public parking, a growing need in our growing community.


Dear Friends and Neighbors,
Telluride voters are being asked to consider an important ballot measure on November 8th. Voting “Yes” on Ballot Issue 2D will give the Town of Telluride the authority to use a revenue bond to finance parking improvements, specifically to build an underground parking garage on the northeast corner of Fir Street and Pacific Avenue, otherwise known as the SMPA lot. Located directly east of Baked in Telluride, this underground parking garage will add approximately 70 new paid-parking spaces to Telluride’s downtown core.
Here are some facts about Ballot Issue 2D:
NO NEW TAXES/MILL LEVY for Telluride residents. The borrowed funds will be paid off in an estimated ten years by parking meter fees collected from the garage and other meters in town. COST TO TAX PAYERS = $O
With approximately 70 spaces, a new parking garage will increase parking options for residents, visitors, employees and businesses, and keep the cars off our already crowded streets. (For perspective, there are a total of 110 parking spaces on both sides of Colorado Avenue between Aspen to Alder Streets.)
Everyone agrees there is a lack of parking in downtown Telluride. Carhenge is great, but it’s hard to find and most visitors don’t want to walk or take the bus from the west end of town. Patrons of restaurants, cafes, shops, and businesses desire closer-proximity parking options within walking distance of their destination. A parking garage will help alleviate congestion, simplify locating a parking spot, and help free up residential parking for residents. Moreover, once the debt is paid off in an estimated 10 years, it will generate revenue for the Town. 
The town-owned SMPA lot is zoned for a mixed-use development combining a parking garage with 8-12 affordable housing units, as well as a community/commercial space slated to be the new home for the Ah Haa School for the Arts. (Ah Haa’s space will be completely paid for by Ah Haa.) Incorporating parking, affordable housing and the Ah Haa School, a vibrant community arts hub, in the center of town is a significant combined benefit for the entire Telluride community. And a “yes” vote on 2D is essential to the entire project. 
Please tell your friends and neighbors to join us in voting YES FOR 2D on November 8th.
Thank you,

Judy Kohin, executive director, Ah Haa, representing Citizens for More Parking 

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