Pretty Lights Back in Town, 8/26-8/27

Pretty Lights Back in Town, 8/26-8/27

Two-day tickets to the Pretty Lights weekend are available for purchase online until 10 p.m. MST Thursday. Two-day tickets and single day tickets will be available at the box office while supplies last. Box office hours: Thursday, August 25, noon – 8 p.m.; Friday, August 26, noon-close; Saturday, August 27, noon-close. More information here.

The tsunami of laser, lights, and electronic music summed up in two words, Pretty Lightsreturns for two special outdoor shows in Telluride’s Town Park. The concerts take place Friday and Saturday, August 26 and 27. The happening marks the launch of Derek Vincent Smith’s (aka Pretty Lights) countrywide tour that ends in November in LA. It is co-sponsored by Telluride Bluegrass and AEG.

“We are so glad to be part of the Pretty Light encore show,” said Craig Ferguson of Planet Bluegrass. “Though it is not the music we are typically associated with, fact is Planet Bluegras exists to serve an audience which loves music – any music. And, it was clear before last year, but especially at last year’s show, that the Pretty Lights community is very special in the Electronic Dance Music world. We’re honored to be part of this major event AND, of course, we love seeing the light show that happens almost nowhere on earth because of the laser community; but, could happen at no place more gorgeous on earth. What’s more, I think Planet Bluegrass, AEG, Pretty Lights, and the Telluride community would all agree that the 2015 show not only exhibited unparalleled contemporary wizardry with sound and lights, but also probably more importantly, it was great for all to experience the great respect the Pretty Lights family had for the event and for Telluride itself. If it weren’t for that respect, this ‘encore’ would not be happening.”




“Pretty Lights in Telluride 2015 was more than I ever hoped it would be, and I was not the same person when I left. The energy of that place and the people and the music literally had me feeling like I was struck by a lightning bolt… And we get to do it again!!  I can only imagine what might happen in 2016. See you in this weekend,” said Pretty Lights’ Derek Vincent Smith, who is widely regarded as the face and voice of the American electronic music scene.

 “…Wisely, Smith let the music do a bulk of his talking. Unlike many of his contemporaries, the producer takes an almost handmade approach to recording, and his best cuts maintained the weathered crackle of vintage vinyl as they flirted with everything from funk and soul to dubstep, hip-hop and electronica….,” said about a live show.

Smith, a University of Colorado dropout, is clearly an electronic music mastermind, whose sounds are a mixtape of familiar genres he grew up listening to: ‘70s AM Gold-era soul, bass-heavy club beats, gangsta rap.

“…Armed with an Abelton-equipped laptop, Pretty Lights ups the ante from just offering dance-friendly beats: True to its name, the live show is nothing less than a symphonic orgy of lights and lasers,” wrote

For answers to questions about how the meteoric rise of Pretty Lights impacted Smith and how he describe his day job in the context of what he does on stage, read on…


Westword: Describe the sudden meteoric rise of Pretty Lights and how it has affected you.

Derek Vincent Smith: Being able to make a living as a musician is what I wanted more than pretty much anything since I bought my first bass guitar in eighth grade. I endured many, many years of financial struggle, living week to week, and sometimes even being looked down at as pursuing adolescent and foolish dreams. So I couldn’t be happier that I am finally getting some recognition and am able to live comfortably doing what I love. It has all happened so fast, though, and the biggest way in which that has affected me day to day is in the adjustments I’m having to make in the way I write and create new music. Relentless touring can be very exhausting and often leaves very little time to focus on writing new material. It’s a delicate balance, and I guess I’m still trying to find an approach that really works for me. The new Pretty Lights album, which is on the brink of being released, was, for the most part, created during the limited time between shows, often in airports, airplanes, hotels and green rooms….

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Here is a sample of Pretty Lights in action– in Telluride.

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