Telluride Mountainfilm: 2016 Festival Films Announced

Telluride Mountainfilm: 2016 Festival Films Announced

Telluride Mountainfilm, which opened for business in 1979, uses the power of film, art, and dynamic conversations to inspire audiences to create a better world by helping to preserve and protect endangered people, places and ideas.

From "Life Animated, "courtesy, Mountainfilm

From “Life Animated, “courtesy, Mountainfilm

Tellluride Mountainfilm screens feature documentaries on environmental issues, epic adventures, eye-opening politics and humanitarian causes, but also plays short gems and rare films.

After several months of hard deliberation and several hundred hours of  watching, Mountainfilm is thrilled to announce a 2016 program comprised of compelling films that take us around the world. The program is marked by two particularly notable trends: the preponderance of remarkably good short documentaries and a record number of world premieres.

“Our lineup this year is particularly stellar and I find it very gratifying that we are premiering more and more documentaries as filmmakers understand that Mountainfilm is a terrific place to launch their labor of love,” said David Holbrooke, Festival Director of Telluride Mountainfilm. “Besides the knockout features, the quality of our short films exceeds anything I have ever seen in my time programming the festival. We are particularly excited to be showing docs by filmmakers who have sat in our audience and were inspired to make films of their own.” 

Two of those premieres are feature-length.

Almost Sunrise” is about a pair of veterans from Iraq who walk across America to heal themselves after their harrowing service.

From "Almost Sunrise,” courtesy Mountainfilm.

From “Almost Sunrise,” courtesy Mountainfilm.

Sea Gypsies, is a nautical documentary about a rambunctious crew of wanderers who sail through some of the most challenging waters on the planet.

Mountainfilm is also excited to screen several films that won big prizes at other festivals.

“The Great Alone” (Banff) that follows the Iditarod winner Lance Mackey.

From “The Great Alone,” courtesy, Mountainfilm.

From “The Great Alone,” courtesy, Mountainfilm.

“Jim” (Sundance) is about the journalist James Foley.

“Do Not Resist” (Tribeca) exposes the frightening militarization of America’s police force.

“Do Not Resist,” courtesy Mountainfilm

“Do Not Resist,” courtesy Mountainfilm

“Life, Animated” (multiple festivals) tells the story of a remarkable family that used Disney films to communicate with their autistic son.

On top of these offerings are a multitude of stellar adventure, climbing, and environmental films, not to mention a few that were just too damn good not to play.

“Besides the films, a hallmark of our festival is our special guests, and I am really excited to announce that Travis Rice, who is widely considered the best all-around snowboarder of all time, will be speaking at Mountainfilm for the first time,” Program Director Katie Klingsporn said. “To add him to the mix of people we have already announced — people like Paul Nicklen, Sarah Marquis, Pasang Sherpa, Terry Tempest Williams, Pete McBride and Kevin Fedarko — is huge.”

Go here for all 2016 guests.

For more about the 2016 line-up, go here.

For tickets, go here. (A limited number of Sunshine passes are still available.)

About Mountainfilm: Established in 1979, Mountainfilm is dedicated to educating, inspiring and motivating audiences about environments, cultures, issues and adventures. Working at the nexus of filmmaking and action, its flagship program is the legendary Telluride Mountainfilm festival, a one-of-a-kind combination of films, conversations and inspiration. Mountainfilm also reaches audiences year-round through its worldwide tour and Mountainfilm for Students, an educational outreach initiative for youth. Mountainfilm has the power to change lives.

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