TEDxTellurideLive: Photo Finish

TEDxTellurideLive: Photo Finish

It’s a wrap!

TEDxTellurideLive 2016 is now in the rear view mirror. To all of you who were able to attend even one session, thank you for your curiosity about new thoughts and ideas. It was a privilege to be in the audience with you hearing the latest and greatest from the TED stage.

TEDxTellurideLive 2016 and 2016

As you know, we must schedule our TEDxTellurideLive simulcast when TED has their five-day conference in Vancouver. Each year, that falls on a different date. A few years ago, the TED talks were in March; this year, February. For 2017, the conference will be in April. If you already have a 2017 calendar, you might want to pencil in April 25 and April 26, 2017.

Each year, hundreds of simulcasts are held around the world,and TED asks the TEDx organizers to submit a photo. TED then chooses a few photos to show on the main stage in Vancouver. Last year (2015) our photo was chosen! (See attached.) This year we submitted a different photo–which was quite creative with many of us standing underneath the banner on Main Street–but sadly, our fantastic photo was not chosen to be highlighted. (My guess is that it was because they showed our picture last year.)

We thought you might enjoy seeing our 2016 TEDxTellurideLive photo and also the TEDx photos from around the world that they did highlight this year. We’ve created a link for you to click on (it loads in five seconds or less) right here. 

Have a wonderful year and remember that the TED website www.TED.com lists over 2,000 talks for you to watch for free. They have already posted some of the 2016 talks that we heard at TEDxTellurideLive.

We hope to see you in 2017.  On a personal note, we are going to sign off with a new phrase we learned this year at TEDxTellurideLive.

Katrine Formby and Amy Cook, Relentless Optimists

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