Palm Theatre: PUSH Physical Theatre, 1/24

Palm Theatre: PUSH Physical Theatre, 1/24

PUSH Physical Theatre, awards-winning talent that inspire and enthralls, at Telluride’s Palm Theatre on Sunday, January 24, 6 p.m. Reserved seating tickets are $20 for students and children;$28 for adults here. (Price for tickets sold at the door will increase by $5.)


PUSH boundaries? Boundaries simply don’t exist for this award-winning troupe of artists known as PUSH Physical Theatre. Bringing intense athleticism, gravity-defying acrobatics, and soulful artistry to every performance, these aren’t just dancers and acrobats, but masters of storytelling, expressing what it means to be human: the joy and sorrow, humor and tragedy, the big questions and the simple things.

Unparalleled performers bring the narratives of our lives to the stage with hope and optimism, with the strength of the human soul expressed by the power of the human body. PUSH Physical Theatre began with a belief that each performer should bring his or her unique life experiences to the stage, and the performers incorporate any movement that speaks to the audience. If the perfect method doesn’t exist, they invent it.

PUSH’s repeated sold-out performances have led to creative collaborations with the National Institute for the Deaf and Rochester Institute of Technology, during which PUSH created “Red Ball,” using iPad technology. Choreography for the Pulitzer-nominated cantata “Comala” resulted in a Mexico and US tour. TruTV’s national series, Fake Off, in which PUSH became the season finalist, elicited this from judge and Glee star Harry Shum Jr.: “You guys are superhuman!”

“Call it dance, call it gymnastics, or mime, or just plain great theater. Whatever the audience imagined they would witness prior to entering the World Theatre at CSUMB July 1st to watch CSU Summer Arts 2013 kick-off event with PUSH Physical Theatre certainly proved to be much more at the conclusion. PUSH was acrobatic, athletic, funny, sad, beautiful, controversial, but above all it was art in motion, and art at a very high level. The four men and one woman who comprise the PUSH Physical Theatre Company are an awe-inspiring and extremely gifted ensemble. Their short term themes, such as Web, The Soldier, Grace, Red Ball, which utilized iPads to create on-stage adventures, and Parenthood, to name a few are exceedingly clever and thought-provoking…,” raved Performing Arts Monterey.

For a preview of what’s in store when the Palm features PUSH, watch this video and be amazed:

A workshop with PUSH artist will be conducted on Saturday, January 23 at 3 p.m.

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