Telluride Theatre: “Parallels”

Telluride Theatre: “Parallels”

“The days when physicists could ignore the concept of parallel universes may have come to an end. If that doesn’t send a shudder down your spine, think of it this way: our world is just one of many. You are just one version of many. If you think of yourself as unique, think again.”


Many worlds. Multiple universes. More lives

What if we told you that parallel lives exist? What if we showed you they did?

“Parallels,” an original play by Telluride Theatre artistic director Sasha Sullivan, in collaboration with the cast & crew. Wednesday, December 9 – Sunday, December 13, at The Ah Haa School for the Arts, 300 South Townsend Street, Telluride.

FREE! ($15 suggested donation – a hat will be passed)
– Seating is extremely limited! (First come, First served )
– Telluride Theatre Members & Sponsors receive RESERVED seats!

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Note: Not suitable for Children (rated R)

“Parallels,” the eighth original show by Telluride Theatre, was written by Sasha Sullivan in collaboration with the cast, in a six-week devising process.

Have you ever felt like there was something else out there? Seen it in a dream or a vision? Déjà vu maybe? Of you in your life, but a different life? What if every moment there are infinite possibilities of what could happen and in the moment that you decide something, the other possibilities split off into their own separate realities? That phenomenon is called quantum entanglement: the idea that two of the same things can exist in different space at the same time. What if we told you that parallel lives exist? What if we showed you they did?

“I am coming up on my 10th year of living in Telluride. Recently, as this anniversary approaches, I have been getting glimpses of other MEs… the lives I would have been leading if I had chosen to not move here. Some good, some terrible, and some scary… The decisions I have made led me to an amazing life here – but maybe, just maybe somewhere in an alternate universe I am living those other lives. So, I started to study up on parallel lives and universes – the theories, the science…  and was just utterly fascinated. This show was born out of that exploration,” Sasha Sullivan writer/director

Directed by Sasha Sullivan
Choreography by Cat Lee Covert
Featuring – Rachael Cooke, Cat Lee Covert, Gin Eborn, Carlin Power, Pamela Roth Sante, Colin Sullivan

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