Poets’ Corner: Goodtimes for New Year’s Day

Poets’ Corner: Goodtimes for New Year’s Day

Heavyweight (we mean that in the good sense) Green Party county commissioner, shroom afficionado, accomplished basketweaver, potato farmer– and poet extraordinaire (in 2011, he was named Western Slope Poet Laureate), let the Goodtimes roll. We are, of course, talking about none other than the force of nature known as Art Goodtimes, who weighs in now with a poem for the start of 2016. And please note: death can be death, an end to life as we know it or as in dreams, the beginning of something new.

Art Goodtimes

Art Goodtimes


New Year’s Day

-for Steve

Walking in winter’s deep chill

Mesa skies socked in

The lightest drizzle of snow

Sunset’s luminous gray

gives way to the moon’s

numinous night mist

blazoned with electricity’s

stationary blue — Norwood’s

lightpole constellations

McRedeye sez

It’s not like nature’s

out there somewhere

It’s more like we’re all in

her slow-motion black hole


inexplicably but surely being

sucked in to the transformation

we call death

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