Telluride TV: Video Awards

Telluride TV: Video Awards

Amateur and professional videographers are encouraged to submit a video of eight minutes or less to Telluride TV for its upcoming Video Awards 2015, an Oscar-style event. Win cash and a custom trophy crafted by metal artist Lisa Issenberg. Deadline for entry is midnight, Sunday, December 6.

Trophy for Telluride TV Video Awards, by Lisa Issenberg.

Trophy for Telluride TV Video Awards, by Lisa Issenberg.

Telluride has developed quite a reputation for hosting cutting-edge film festivals.

The Telluride Film Fest, Telluride Horror Show, and Telluride Mountainfilm are testaments to the transformative power of filmmaking, plus those festivals highlight our community’s appreciation of the performing arts.

The local vibe during those major events is undeniable; films that provoke and inspire become the talk of the town. With everyone, locals and guests, so supportive and enthused about cinema, it only makes sense to have an outlet for local filmmakers too.

Enter the Telluride TV Video Awards, a contest and Oscar-style event.

Mish and Marissa

Telluride TV is Telluride’s public access television station, founded in 1983, and serving the community ever since.

Along with producing and broadcasting local content, Telluride TV gives the public a chance to make its unique voice heard. The station provides media arts education for students and adults and seeks to put the power of filmmaking into the hands of the community.

Telluride TV is proud to host the Video Awards, a contest for locals 12 and up, which showcases the best homegrown films at the historic Sheridan Opera House. Filmmakers of any skill level are encouraged to submit.

Telluride High School student Kevin Pashayan has submitted in previous years and could not be more excited about this year.

Red carpet hosts,

Red carpet hosts, Sasha & Robin Jones

“It’s so important that they give beginning filmmakers an opportunity to share their work with an audience at such a ‘Gucci’ high-profile event. It’s hard for young filmmakers to get their work seen anywhere else, the struggle is real.”

Another student, Leland Burchmore, is submitting a horror film.

“I’m just excited to see the audience’s reaction,” says the budding filmmaker.

Former Telluride resident Cameron Barker credits the 2012 Video Awards with igniting his creativity and helping him complete his documentary “Bonacca.”

“It all stemmed from that TTV event. I can say without a doubt that if it wasn’t for TTV, we probably wouldn’t have had the motivation to finish the story. It definitely fueled our ambition as film makers, so thank you for that opportunity.”

Any and all genres of film are welcome, as categories are determined after films are submitted.

Past categories included Best Action/Adventure, Best Comedy, Best Student Film, Best Public Service Announcement, Horror, and Best Music/Artistic Video.

Category winners will be chosen by a panel of judges, but the public has a chance to weigh in as well.

Submitted videos will be available online two weeks before the main event and viewers can vote for and share their favorites.

Alysha Ashley

Once again, this year’s deadline for submission is December 6, midnight. And if your passion for filmmaking is anything like Kevin’s, you are already counting the days until the main event on January 9, 2016.

“I’m not even kidding, last year’s event was the best night of my life. The Telluride TV Video Awards are legit.”

Live your celluloid dreams…Flashbulbs illuminate the red carpet as you, in your best Hollywood attire, are interviewed live by local fashion icons Sasha and Robin Jones.

Sip champagne at your VIP table inside the glamorous Opera House.

Films will be judged by a panel of local celebrities based on story-telling skills, unique content, and cinematography. Past Judges include Jeff Price (Writer, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” “Shrek III”); Ben Knight (local documentary filmmaker); and Suzan Baraza (local documentary filmmaker).

“This year’s event will be even more spectacular,” said Telluride TV executive director Katie Karow. “Presenters will include a mix of well-known national celebrities, local celebrities, and comedic talent. Everyone is a star at the Telluride TV Video Awards. This small-town, big-style happening is guaranteed not to disappoint.”

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