Telluride Film Fest: “Room” Needs Room For Marketing

Telluride Film Fest: “Room” Needs Room For Marketing

There should be lots of room to talk about “Room,” a big crowd favorite at the 42nd annual Telluride Film Festival. In the face of its imminent theatrical release, however, its distributors are trying to shake one of those descriptions: ”harrowing.” For our review of “Room” (and Film Fest 2015), go here. The story about the marketing challenge, written by Victoria Ahearn of the Canadian press and curated by, read on.


As the Canadian-Irish film “Room” gets set to hit theatres surrounded by critical acclaim and Oscar buzz, the distributors admit the subject matter “is a tricky one.”

Tricky because while the drama is based on the chilling premise of a mother and her young son held captive for years in a shed, it’s actually a life-affirming, inspiring film.

It’s not “harrowing,” as many articles and reviews have described it, says Elevation Pictures, the film’s Canadian distributor.

“I’m actually trying to get away from that word, because I don’t think it is,” says co-president Laurie May.

“The story in ‘Room’ is really about, to me, a mother’s love for her child and making the most of a bad circumstance; and once they get out of that space, really seeing the world through young, fresh eyes and appreciating all of the beauty in the world.”

That’s the message Elevation has been trying to convey through “Room”‘s marketing campaign since it premiered at the Telluride Film Festival and then went on to the Toronto International Film Festival, where it won the Grolsch People’s Choice Award.

It opens in Toronto on Friday, in Vancouver on Oct. 30 and across Canada on Nov. 6…

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