ALACAZEM 2015.10.22

ALACAZEM 2015.10.22

October 22 to 29, 2015  Visible planets: Morning: Mercury,Venus,Mars,Jupiter Evening: Saturn

Dark and light, illumination and darkness, yin and yang, male and female, love and hate, war and peace…

woman devilWWwswordThe polarities go on and on. We live in a reality defined by polarity. We are constantly qualifying and quantifying what we see, hear and experience. Is it positive or negative, happy or sad? Our instincts for survival have evolved on sensation and experience, action and consequence. Human bodies and senses go around attempting to intuit danger and safety. Is this situation good or bad? Will this person help me or harm me?

Intuition is a wise advisor. The mind, in another realm, is clever and loves to play the trickster. How many times have you “talked yourself out of” listening to your intuition? Sometimes the mind is such a strong advocate that we don’t even consciously acknowledge our intuition – the way we feel, the sensations our body sends us, the fleeting thought that comes quickly and dissipates before it actually takes form – and rather let our thinking brain take over, weighing the pros and cons, making lists and then even asking others what they think or what to do.

superman ww demonOf course, that’s the way it is. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with research and development. After all, we can usually find what we need or want on the Internet. What?!!! Not true. We can find facts and opinions, information and videos, images, social media and virtual face-to-face conversations. But we cannot find intuition. Intuition lies within.

Batman_Wonder_Woman_Superman_by_escar4This week, as the Sun transitions from the aesthetically aware, mentally acute, intellectually astute air sign of Libra into the seductive, sensation-based, intuition-fueled water sign of Scorpio, take note. We are crossing the ethereal, cosmic bridge from the light and lovely land of beauty, cooperation, negotiation, analysis, balance and peace [Libra] to the intoxicating kingdom of darkness, mystery and magic, where power, desire, intensity, pain and ecstasy rule. It is here that feelings trump thoughts and the mind surrenders to sensation and emotions. It’s a great time to check in with your intuition and see if you are or are not in touch with it.

3795597-superman-and-wonder-woman-togetherAlso take note of the October 27th Full Hunters Moon in the Taurus-Scorpio polarity. This is the third of three Super Full Moons in a row so, once again, the Moon will be super-bright and super-close. And because of the Moon’s close proximity to Earth, gravitational pulls and electromagnetic forces are greatly amplified, affecting tides, tectonic plates and every other organic body and psyche on the planet.

Angel or devil? Good or bad? War or peace?

Aries (Mar. 20-Apr. 19) The Sun enters Scorpio on Oct. 23rd and begins a lunar month of more depth and less façade. You are craving more authenticity and will no longer be satisfied with superficial, evasive people or relationships. The Oct. 27th Hunters Full Moon illuminates issues of darkness and denial, what lies hidden or buried. This is a perfect time for deep soul work, psychic therapy and spiritual cleansing.

Taurus (Apr. 19-May 20) The October Full Hunters Moon takes place in early degree Taurus this week, shining light on your most important and personal relationships. This is an excellent time to get in touch with people you have lost contact with or simply have been too busy to call or visit. And with so many planets transiting your solar 5th house of the heart, you are feeling loving and giving. So why not? Smile and count your blessings.

Gemini (May 20-June 20) The Scorpio zodiac month favors themes of work, service and self-improvement for the Twins. Spiritual practice and daily routines of cleanliness and hygiene are also favored. This is an excellent time to make and go through lists, organize messes and get to the bottom of piles that are hiding what you can no longer see. Of course, this is both literal and metaphorical. In general, take responsibility and stick to the program.

Cancer (June 20-July 22) Scorpio is all about what lies hidden. Whether we are dealing with physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual realms, there is always darkness. And dark is as beautiful as light, although often more frightening. Why? Because we cannot see in darkness. And that’s the root of the issue: fear. Take a good look at what you are afraid of. Is it real or imagined? Past or future? Embrace the light of the present.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 22) You may be feeling competent and capable, willing to take responsibility for your life and relationships, strong of heart and spirit. And you have every right to. After all, you have worked hard and long to get to where you are today. Now, acts of kindness and attitudes of gratitude bring the deepest satisfaction and reward. You have reached a point in life that borders on enlightenment. No ego, just fact. Enjoy the light.

Virgo (Aug. 22-Sep. 22) Welcome to one of the busiest years of your life. With so many open doors and multi-faceted opportunities, you may feel your head and heart spinning like a top. Congratulations! You have come so far, established excellent credibility and achieved much. And now, as you take the first steps into the next 12-year Jupiter life cycle, make sure you make and take time for spiritual regeneration and renewal.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 22) Smoldering fires keep the home and heart warm, stoke relationship fires with love and remain calm in the face of fear. Depth and intimacy attract and intrigue you now as you crave the honest, authentic and real. Superficial people and relationships just don’t get it done. You would rather be alone and in the calm, quiet peace of your own company and sanctuary. Spirits are on the rise. Open to the magical and mysterious.

Scorpio (Oct. 22-Nov. 21) Congratulations on another revolution around the Sun! Your annual month of physical and spiritual rebirth and renewal has arrived. It’s time to celebrate life. And while you’re at it, why not take a good look at all the goodness in your life? Blessings, natural gifts, trusted people, family and friends. This is a perfect year to qualify hopes and dreams, goals and aspirations. Trust the Universe and follow your heart.

Sagittarius (Nov. 21-Dec. 20) The Scorpio zodiac month brings us the Full Hunter’s Moon and a week of increasing light in darkness. Demons, desires, denial and divinity are themes. The challenge here is one of courage and strength. Make friends with the spirit world. Face the bad ones and embrace the good ones. As one of our wisest Presidents once told America: “The only thing to fear is fear itself.”

Capricorn (Dec. 20-Jan. 19) The October Full Hunters Moon follows a Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Virgo and a Moon-Uranus eclipse in Aries. This delivers a metaphysical window of opportunity for you to rise above doubt and fear, center yourself in goodness and truth, gather courage and take the high road of spiritual generosity and faith. Without darkness we could not know light. Focus on truth and positive outcomes.

Aquarius (Jan. 19-Feb. 18) As the Moon eclipses Uranus two days prior to the Full Hunters Super Moon, pay attention to your urges and impulses. Following a Venus-Jupiter union in your solar 8th house of shared intimacy and joint finance, you may feel a sudden desire to partner up with someone or pursue a new and unusual relationship with someone significantly older or younger. A professional project comes to fruition. Good work!

Pisces (Feb. 18-Mar. 20) You may find yourself wanting to be free from bondage of any sort in an actual or metaphysical sense this week. Relationships are fabulous however and you are most likely involved with people who already give you plenty of space and freedom. The good news is you are in an excellent position to understand what you need and want in the context of sharing and pairing. Cultivate a spiritual practice and stay positive.

Cynthia is a third generation astrologer living on a high mountain mesa 40 miles west of Telluride. Visit her website @







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