ALACAZEM 2015.10.01

ALACAZEM 2015.10.01

October 1 to 8, 2015 Visible planets: Morning: Venus, Mars, Jupiter  Evening: Saturn

6a00d834b1d0e369e200e54f6fa5088834-500wiAs a child who grew up in a family of religious wars, I learned that arguing over spiritual philosophies and dogma was a tragic, horrendous waste of time and energy. Prevented at times from going inside the Catholic church, I of course wanted to find out why.

When I was older, I walked through the front doors of an unlocked Catholic cathedral and found magnificent marble statues, brilliant stained glass windows and altars gilded in gold. The quiet silence and flickering candlelight enchanted my young heart and soul. I also discovered I had little desire to go back inside unless the church was empty, free from people and propaganda. It was then that I felt the mystical magic of spirit and the peaceful power of prayer. It became a lifetime intrigue.

Last week, just days prior to the September 27th full Harvest Moon total lunar eclipse, the reigning pontiff, Pope Francis – who chose the name Francis in honor of St. Francis of Assisi – arrived in New York City and took America by surprise. It was a perfectly appropriate event for a country imprisoned by a power structure built on political polarities, rampant greed, hypocrisy and self-righteous, ethnocentric ideologies. He came with messages of humility, blessings, hard work, gratitude and service. He spoke of global climate change – our Mother Earth! – thanked all women dedicated to spirit and emphasized the sanctity of helping the homeless and the poor. He reminded us that most of us are immigrants, as he was and is, and encouraged us to open our hearts to all those who seek refuge and asylum.

I happened to catch a brief bit of his speech to Congress in Washington on Thursday morning as well as the prayer service later that evening at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. On Friday he conducted mass at Madison Square Garden next to a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe. His words were uplifting and inspirational.

Thank the stars for Pope Francis. He is making a difference in this time of real or unreal apocalyptic fear and frenzy. (Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner resigned after the Pope’s visit.) We need world leaders who promote peace, charity and compassion as opposed to war, greed and prejudice. And he has many admirers, even atheists like HBO’s Bill Maher are fans.

I still love to go inside Catholic churches and pray. But my real church is right here in Mother Nature’s gardens. And eclipse cycles are amazing. I always take note of what happens in the world during the times of eclipses. The people we see, the words we hear and the experiences we experience are holy. May we walk in beauty, live in peace, embrace the transformational season of autumn.

p.s. Pope Francis left NYC for Rome on September 27th @ 8:oo pm EDT, as the Moon was starting to eclipse. I wonder how it looked flying over the Atlantic. Thanks for the visit, Senor.

Aries (Mar. 20-Apr. 19) Last week’s Aries-Libra Full super-Harvest Moon lunar eclipse was followed by an Aries Moon-Uranus eclipse, presenting you with a mixed bag of surprises, awakenings, epiphanies, breakthroughs and breakdowns. Add Mercury retrograde in Libra to the mix and you most likely found yourself returning to or attempting to revive past relationships. Maintain balance and calm. Keep the peace.

Taurus (Apr. 19-May 20) The intensity of the current eclipse energy peaked on September 27th with the Sun-Moon opposition of a total lunar eclipse. Now on the downswing of a highly charged electromagnetic celestial event, you may feel a subtle but major shift of the heart. Acceptance and balance promote inner peace and outer serenity. And somehow, you seem to be there naturally, taking it all one day and one thing at a time. Good work!

Gemini (May 20-June 20) The people, information, events, experiences, signs and messages you encountered over the last few weeks have had a major effect upon the body, mind, heart, soul and psyche. You understand the vast importance of personal activism in the face of global crisis – climate change, disappearing plant and animal life, religious wars, greed, poverty and, well, the list goes on. Release ego and relax in your work.

Cancer (June 20-July 22) The Libra sun-time marks a time to turn inward, focus on home and hearth, prepare and set store for winter. Whether this is an active process of gathering firewood, harvesting and preserving food or one less strenuous, you can certainly feel it in the ethers. Great satisfaction comes in doing what needs to be done. Just don’t get too busy to miss the magnificent seasonal beauty. Count blessings, enjoy the colors.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 22) The last week of Venus in Leo brings you a variety of dazzling gifts of heart. Accept them all with grace and gratitude. The last two years of life have been full and overflowing. Blessings abound. You are a shining light and leader of sorts, one competent and capable of completion – a finisher. Others depend on your strength and tenacity. Breathe deep, relax in work, maintain balance and cultivate peace.

 Virgo (Aug. 22-Sep. 22) On October 17th Mars and Jupiter come together @ 14° Virgo. From now until then, take note of the wildly expansive potential and possibilities of your personal, global and universal worlds. It’s as if celestial gates have opened and you can not only see, but also embrace the starry magic of the heavens. At times you may feel like you are walking on air. Good news is, you’re still here on Earth! Stay on the path, enjoy the joy.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 22) As candles are lit and cakes are cut, take note of the people, places and circumstances surrounding you. With magically minded Mercury finishing up a three-week retrograde in your sign, pay attention to the information, signs and messages that have come your way over the last weeks. Current eclipse energy is now on the wane. This is a time of acceptance, integration and assimilation. Focus on peace and love.

Scorpio (Oct. 22-Nov. 21) On the heels of a Libra-Aries total lunar eclipse, which was given birth by a Virgo New Moon solar eclipse, you may be feeling a bit exhausted. And with health-minded Mercury retrograde in your solar 12th house of silence and solitude, it’s the perfect week to take some time off and regenerate. Of course, the autumn harvest season is one characteristic of labor. The solution: relax in your work and enjoy it.

Sagittarius (Nov. 21-Dec. 20) The Libra zodiac month is one that pulls at heartstrings and awakens you to the celestial music and magic of the Universe. As one who loves the freedom of travel, the beauty of changing skies and the grace of an open heart, embrace it all as you dance a dance of gratitude and blessings. You have awakened to a new reality, a world of radical change. Follow the light, go with the flow and just keep doing your best.

Capricorn (Dec. 20-Jan. 19) Seasonal changes and transforming landscapes awaken you to the synchronistic harmony of your external and internal worlds. The beauty you see outside invokes beauty within; a deep sense of eternity arouses an almost transcendental awareness of your human life here on Earth in relation to the numinous, divine, cosmic mysteries of the Universe. Seize the day, feel its inherent joy and embrace the grace.

Aquarius (Jan. 19-Feb. 18) A waning Moon and darkening skies make for magic in the nighttime sky as evenings cool and stars sparkle against the blue-black canopy of deep space. As your personal world continues to expand and grow here on Earth, count your blessings. Humility and gratitude are essential to maintaining ongoing success. Boastful, ego-boosting, self-importance is the antithesis of what you need now. Stay vigilant.

Pisces (Feb. 18-Mar. 20) As Virgo-Pisces moonlight morphed into Libra-Aries, you may have felt a deep, transformational shift of the heart. Mercury retrograde takes you back to former realities, childhood memories and visions of those who you have loved. Images fuel emotions that give birth to biochemical reactions, body and soul. You feel the love and joy, pain and sorrow. And yet, life is a blessing. Embrace spirit and walk in peace.

Cynthia is a third generation astrologer living on a high mountain mesa 40 miles west of Telluride. Visit her website @








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