SAF Young People’s Theater: “Rapunzel’s Haircut”

SAF Young People’s Theater: “Rapunzel’s Haircut”

Sunday, September 27, 7 p.m.,  Sheridan Arts Foundation’s Young People’s Theater presents “Rapunzel’s Haircut.” $10 adults and $5 kids 12 and under. Pre-show wine & cheese reception for YPT members. Become a member/reserve a ticket here.

Rapunzel's haircut


The story begins in a familiar way: Rapunzel is locked in a tower and every night the Prince climbs her hair to pay her a visit. Suddenly, Rapunzel has an epiphany: why put up with that hair-as-ladder behavior? With one chop from a giant pair of scissors, Rapunzel has a new haircut and a new attitude, embarking on a mischievous spree of pranks and naughtiness.

Hold on to your hats, horses, and lovely locks and get ready for the SAF Young People’s Theater’s second annual Parent/Kid play.

“Putting parents and kids together on stage gives them the chance to share the magic of theater in a relaxed and supportive setting. In this play, kids will be able to show parents the ropes as they play the leading roles. And it will be so much fun to see all of these family members performing together — especially in the big dance finale number. This show is not to be missed.” said artistic director Jen Julia.

This cast includes parents Dawn Atherton, Todd Baize, Josh Borof, Amanda Buttars, Pete Boukouzis, Michelle Bush, Joel Cantor, Travis Julia, Pam Sante, Valerie Sharpe, and Michael Ward.

Kids in the show are Kassidy Atherton, Savannah Baize, Skylar Borof, Raef Buttars, Nikki Boukouzis, Rowan Bush, Cooper Cantor, Hudson Julia, Tirsa Sante, Jerry Sharpe, and Anna Ward.

“Rapunzel’s Haircut” will be performed just ONCE, again, Sunday, September 27, at 7 p.m.

The play is a fundraiser for the SAF Young People’s Theater scholarship fund.

There will be a special fundraising cocktail party, 6 p.m., for YPT members that includes wine and admission to the show, the night of the show.

Since 1999, the historic Sheridan Opera House has been home to Young People’s Theater, a diverse and flourishing center for young thespians, enrolling more than 200 children between the ages of 2 and 18 each year

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