Telluride Theatre Sings!, A Thriller

Telluride Theatre Sings!, A Thriller

Those Sullivans down the road, they always Wanna Be Startin’ Something. And last night, with Telluride Theatre Sings!, that shape-shifting duo – Sasha directed (and, ahem, coached, in an R-rated skit with Jen Julia, director, Sheridan Arts Foundation’s Young People’s Theatre); Colin hosted – produced a no-holds-barred show with a little help from a lot of their friends, especially Ethan Hale, music director; Cat Lee-Covert, choreographer; Anna Robinson, vocal director; Tree Priest, lighting; and the universally talented Company, which included the evil twin of a librarian rocking out and many other locals channeling their inner priapic rock star.

TellurideSings_Poster_2015 copy

The show exploded with energy and sensuality, knee-capping (with sharp kicks from a chorus line of shapely legs) most fundraisers in a few short hours of theatrical magic. The Billie Jeans (OMG Amy), all the other Pretty Young Things, and everyone else in the audience flipped. A number of numbers got standing ovations.

For a Telluride night to remember, you simply couldn’t Beat It. One sparkly white-gloved hand to my heart, Telluride Theatre Sings! was a Thriller.

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