Telluride Museum’s “Feasting on History” Features Whitlock

Telluride Museum’s “Feasting on History” Features Whitlock

Join the Telluride Historical Museum at its 12th Annual “Feasting on History,” featuring Flint Whitlock. Event is Saturday, August 29, 6:30– 10 p.m. at La Piazza del Villaggio in Mountain Village. Ticket prices are $275 for the Museum Lover;  $200 for a Museum Friend. Both options include VIP admission to “An Evening with Ken Burns,” which includes a screening of  Episode Five: The Universe of Battle (1863) from the filmmaker’s celebrated “The Civil War.” Show time is Sunday, August 30, 6:00– 9:00pm. at the Michael D. Palm Theatre. Tickets here or by calling 970-728-3344. You can also purchase tickets for the screening alone, $25 non-member; $20 Museum and Palm Theater member; $5 for students and active military.

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Food for thought.

Food for the table.

It’s a banquet no matter no matter how you slice it, all for a great cause.

The Telluride Historical Museum’s “Feasting on History,” a benefit for the nonprofit, features a fabulous spread from the kitchen of Paolo and Carmela Canclini’s La Piazza del Villaggio, a fixture in Mountain Village since 1998:

“La Piazza Del Villaggio it is an Italian restaurant any city in America would be proud to possess and its gunning for the top. The menu includes pasta like rigatoni with Chianti wine sausage and shaved ricotta salata cheese, and tortellini packed with crabmeat and asparagus in a grappa-laced tomato cream sauce. The ripe, creamy mozzarella is made on the premises, and the lamb chops, grilled Tuscan style, are so delicious you wish to pick them up with your fingers when they’re still sizzling (which is why Italians call them scottaditti, meaning “finger-burners”, “ raved Wine Spectator

Food for the squash at “Feasting” is thanks to special guest, author and military historian Flint Whitlock.

Flint Whitlock

Flint Whitlock

Since 1986, Whitlock, the son of a veteran of the elite 10th Mountain Division of WWII, has created memorable, highly personal stories of men at war. Reviewers have said that his accounts of combat put the reader right in the foxhole, sweating out the artillery barrages, tank and infantry charges, and enduring the fear and hardships with individual soldiers.

At “Feasting,” Whitlock will be talking about “Distant Bugles, Distant Drums: The Union Response to the Confederate Invasion of New Mexico,” (2006).


Although most accounts of the Civil War’s New Mexico campaign have focused on the Confederate effort, “Distant Bugles, Distant Drums” brings to life the epic march of 1,000 men recruited from Colorado’s towns, farms, and mining camps to fight 3,000 Confederate soldiers in New Mexico.

“By focusing explicitly on the North’s reaction to Confederate dreams of empire in the West, Flint Whitlock adds several new insights to historical knowledge of this increasingly well-publicized theater of the Civil War,” Journal of Southern History

“An important new book by Denver military historian Flint Whitlock . . . this well-written, solidly researched history of Colorado’s Union troops is eye-opening,” Rocky Mountain News

“This volume is Civil War military history at its very best. The research, especially in primary sources, is fresh, the interpretation is informed and concise, and the writing is skillful. Follow Whitlock’s engagingly crafted narrative. He introduces you to the officers, soldiers, politicians, and merchants. He tells of their competence, loyalty, opportunities, and accomplishments,” said Blue & Gray Magazine.

At “Feasting,” Whitlock plans to talk about how Colorado won the Civil War for the Union.

To learn more, click the “play” button to listen to my interview with Flint Whitlock.

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