In Praise of Siam Telluride

In Praise of Siam Telluride

Writing for Denver’s 5280, Megan Barber discovered Asian treats in a number of ski resorts, but her praise for Siam Telluride was lavish calling it “one of the best Asian fusion and Thai spots in the state.”

You go Jeff and Molly!

Siam Telluride. One tough tickets, but worth the wait.

Siam Telluride. One tough ticket, but worth the wait.

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Colorado’s high-country chefs finally embrace Asian cuisine. Colorado ski towns are loaded with restaurants where elk steaks reign supreme and the bison burger is a menu staple. Lucky for snow lovers looking for less game and more spice, the past several years have seen a quiet culinary revolution. Across the high country, Asian eateries have opened as alternatives to the hearty icons; diners now choose sake over wine and order pad thai instead of sirloin. Here, eight destinations sure to invigorate your alpine dinner plans.

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