Telluride Theatre: Burlesque

Telluride Theatre: Burlesque

Two totally different shows over three nights of fun,”Burlesque” is adult entertainment. No one under the age of 21 admitted. Tickets here or call 970-728-6363,x5.

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Telluride Theatre is known for no-holds-barred entertainment. But the company’s upcoming production definitely pushes the envelope.

And the hips…

Daring. Sexy. Scandalous. Those words sum up Telluride Theatres Burlesque, the company’s biggest fundraiser, now in its fifth year. The two events take place at the Sheridan Opera House over three nights as follows:

Wednesday March 25, 9 p.m.
A fun, free-for-all night of pasties, surprises, boylesque and more featuring the lovely ladies of the Beginning Burlesque class.
TICKETS – $25 & $35 (rows D, E, K)
VIP TABLE SEATS – $75 each

Friday, March 27, and Saturday, March 28, 9 p.m.
The House of Shimmy Shake presents JUKEBOX BURLESQUE
The show is a celebration of music through decades to the present. Getting back to Telluride Theatre’s roots “’cause no one throws a party like a Burlesque party… ’cause a Burlesque party don’t stop!” PARTY – FUN – POP – SHENANIGANS = Jukebox Burlesque
TICKETS – $35 & $45 (rows D, E, K)
VIP TABLE SEATS – $125 each

According to Telluride Theatre’s artistic director, the ladies – and gentlemen, in a variation on the theme of “The Full Monty,” guys take it all off too –“For a few months a year, Burlesque is not just a show. It becomes a way of life for the performers.”

Underlining Sasha’s point, here is what a few regulars have to say about their show:

“Bearskin nudity and sexuality have so many meanings in our present-day society. As a middle-aged women, burlesque gives me a rare opportunity to combine nudity, artistry, creativity, and theatrical sexuality. Oh and it’s a fundraiser. I especially like giving my energy to s good cause.”
“Burlesque is my secret superpower. It’s when I get to change from Diana Prince into Wonder Woman.”
“I do burlesque for me. For a long time, I’ve harbored anxieties about my body and the sensual side of life. I grew up bearing the weight of shame and guilt about my body because of my conservative upbringing. That is, until now. Burlesque allows me to be exactly who I am, no apologies needed. For me, this show is empowering, liberating, freeing.”
“Burlesque is empowering and exhilarating, a chance to become the character I create. The show allows me to explore a part of my personality I was not even aware of. It actually makes me care less about what people may think. It gives me permission to literally put it all out there – for better or worse – and that’s refreshing. Burlesque is something I do for me, but it is also fun to share with an audience. Plus I love rhinestones and glitter.”


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