Telluride Arts District: Wayfinding Upgrade Announced

Telluride Arts District: Wayfinding Upgrade Announced

Where are you? Where are you heading to? Wayfinding informs people of their surroundings in the built environment.

Telluride, Spring

The Telluride Arts District, in partnership with the Town of Telluride, is embarking on an update of signage and information that will make it easier for locals and visitors to navigate the community. Facilitated by Kate Jones, director of Telluride Arts, a wayfinding committee that consisted of representation from the Town, Telski, the Tourism Board, Mountain Village, and the Open Space Commission made recommendations to Telluride Town Council in June of 2014.

The recommendations outlined 16  improvements that included cleaning up the streetscape with consistent signage, upgrading signage for key destinations, marking the Telluride Arts District and the Telluride Historic District, enhancing signage for parking and special events, and creating three kiosks with event information, among others. The complete list of recommendations can be found on the Telluride Arts District website under “community.”

After reviewing proposals from four design firms, the wayfinding committee has selected Esse Design out of Carbondale to design the wayfinding system. The design phase will begin immediately, and community input is being sought regarding the current system, recommended changes, and design.

To share your thoughts, please visit the Telluride Arts District website and click the wayfinding tab under “community” here. There you can sign up to receive information about upcoming meetings, and fill out the Telluride Wayfinding Exploration & Questionnaire from Esse Design.

Call Kate Jones or more information at 970-728-3930, or visit the Telluride Arts offices at 283 South Fir Street in the historic Stronghouse building.

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