Rabbit Rabbit’s Lucy Perutz Offers Ah Haa Cooking Classes

Lucy Perutz is on a mission. Telluride’s vegan chef and food-for-change activist, known for the outrageously delicious organic foods coming out of her pop-up Rabbit Rabbit restaurant kitchen, is determined to convert all food enthusiasts into “fooditarians.”

“Food is medicine,” says Perutz. “My style really started to develop when I began to learn my body and what made me feel tired or what made me feel happy. I also discovered that part of what felt good was really knowing where my food was coming from.”

Vegan dessert

Vegan dessert

This month, Perutz is offering two refreshingly unique cooking classes through the Ah Haa School: Sweet Tooth Safe Haven on Friday, March 13 and Blend, Press & Squeeze on Friday, March 27. Both classes run four hours, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

For this week’s Sweet Tooth Safe Haven class, Perutz welcomes anyone looking for a cure to the common sweet tooth to join her in the kitchen to learn about satisfying alternatives to sugary, nutrition-less treats. Through experimentation with fruit and nut-based ingredients, Perutz will teach students how to create deliciously nourishing desserts and ways to transform their favorite desserts using plant-based ingredients.

“A lot of people have an outrageous sweet tooth,” explains Perutz. “Together, we will learn how to detach ourselves from our addictions and learn ways to switch our perspective on sweets, creating things like tofu cheesecake and scrumptious cookies made from chick peas.”

With this new style of cooking, Perutz also hopes to bring her students to a new level of food consciousness.

Later this month, Perutz returns with her apron and blender to teach Blend, Press & Squeeze – a workshop on alternative juice blends, smoothies and elixirs using unusual ingredients you’ve probably never thought of. (Think: sweet potato juice.) With concoctions like avocado, mint and cacao nib shakes, students will discover innovative ways to indulge guilt-free while gaining a handful of new tools and techniques to better their health and please their palates.

Peppermint chocolate milkshake

Peppermint chocolate milkshake

Perutz’s workshops are perfect for all food enthusiasts interested in gaining a new appreciation for whole foods and how to create “food for your soul” with unlikely combinations. Perutz adds, “Oh, and they better like to dance, because we will be playing kitchen music! If you’re not having fun in the kitchen, then you aren’t doing it right!”

Tuition and materials for both classes is $85, and scholarships are available. Sign up online at ahhaa.org or call 970/728-3886.

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