ALACAZEM 2015.03.26

March 26 to April 2, 2015 Visible planets: Morning: Saturn  Evening: Venus, Mars, Jupiter

I awoke in predawn darkness to a cloudless, starry sky. To the east, the first glow of morning backlit the jagged San Juan horizon. I stepped outside to feel the air. The thermometer read 28°F, cooler than expected. Antares, the shimmering, yellowish-orange heart-star of the Scorpion marked the southwestern edge of the Milky Way. Just west of Antares, planet Saturn kept watch, moving ever closer to the last hours of its night shift.

 I had gotten up early in hope of writing the introduction to my weekly astrology column. Hours later, I’m just getting back to it. In a sort of writer’s slump, hunting inspiration, I had checked the Archives for this same time last year to see what I had written. Happy, I found something I liked. It’s all about changing weather. And the header cited exact dates of the Uranus-Pluto square, as well as the signature purpose of this colossal, powerful, ongoing cosmic challenge: Awakening & Change – two things I was planning to address anyway, now.

 As we have just experienced the seventh and last exact square of this celestial series [March 16, 2015], and are now on the “other side” of awakening, I have decided to run the intro as I wrote it then. I got just what I needed and wanted out of it, and I’m hoping you do too. So…here we go.

*Uranus square Pluto June 26 2012
 * Uranus square Pluto September 19 2012
*Uranus square Pluto May 21 2013
* Uranus square Pluto November 1 2013* 
*Uranus square Pluto April 21 2014*
 *Uranus square Pluto December 15 2014
*Uranus square Pluto March 16 2015*

 Goddess_Spring_goddess.85152644_stdWild, Raucous Pink Winds of Change & the Pluto-Uranus Square

Yesterday afternoon a wild, dusty pink cloud of raucous wind and spitting rain roared in from Utah. Trees shook and branches bounced up, down and all around in a crazy dance of spring. It was as if the great, powerful hands of distant, restless sky gods had reached down to grasp the slumbering, dormant life upon Mother Earth to cry, “Awaken!” Mulch scattered and birds fluttered, looking for shelter in the storm. Inside, winter-dried aspen crackled in our woodstove. I listened to the outside sounds of pelting sleet and howling wind, grateful and thankful to have a warm house and safe place to be – at that moment, at that time – in my life.

MaiaSpringGoddess.85152846_stdI often notice how weather is like emotion. When it’s cold and raining, it seems like it will always be cold and raining. When it’s hot and dry, when the rains won’t come and the earth is parched, it seems like it will be drought forever. When sunny, bright, magnificent blue skies stun my senses and infuse my heart with joy, I forget about those cold, rainy mornings and snowy, frozen nights. When meadowlarks sing and bluebirds fly, it seems as if it will always be so.

When I’m sad and blue, feeling self-pity and worry, I forget about those moments of ecstasy and joy, peace, acceptance and surrender. It seems – in those moments – as if life is a pitcher filled with challenge and lesson, fear and anxiety. When I’m happy, I am happy. When it’s raining, it is raining. And sometimes – quite often – it’s raining and I’m happy.

harvest-goddess.85152937_stdI feel my feelings like I feel the weather. Frustration and anger have a way of trumping joy and peace, just like sunshine follows rain. Clouds move in and clouds move out. And just like the weather, no feeling is final. The perpetual wheel of time, the returning seasons, eternal and forever – here and gone, today and tomorrow – infinite and always…change. *And that’s what the recurring cardinal square of Uranus in Aries to Pluto in Capricorn is all about – dynamic change – from the depths of soul to the ethereal realms of our ever-expanding Universe. CHANGE. The blessings and challenge of change. Changing weather and changing times, changing feelings and new frontiers. May we walk, live, laugh and love in the bounty of beautiful, eternal, physical, emotional, spiritual cosmic change. Goodness and grace, good luck!

Aries (Mar. 20-Apr. 19) As you take those first steps into another solar year, light the candles and cut the cake, remember the upcoming 12 months of your life will be as good as the thoughts you think and the things you do. Internal dialogs dictate attitudes and actions, pay attention to the quality of the tickertape running through your brain. It’s not about denial, it’s about the awareness, vitality and value of living amends. Happy birthday!

Taurus (Apr. 19-May 20) You may find someone blaming you for something that is not your fault, or in a turmoil over what has been taken as an insult or injustice regarding something you have said or done. Rather than defend your position, listen to what they have to say. Let them know your position and leave it at that. Extreme measures, emotional reactions and heated discussions make it worse. Give it time and let it go. It’s not your stuff.

Gemini (May 20-June 20) Traveling with partners, following their lead and surrendering to someone else’s will may not sit well with you this week as you are used to being in charge. On the other hand, you may enjoy it. As long as you stay true to self and do the important inner work of self-rediscovery and self-recovery, all is well. Hearing what others have to say is one thing. Letting them tell you what to do is another. Stick to the facts.

Cancer (June 20-July 22) As the Sun enters your solar 10th house of social and professional status, you may feel a surge of interest, pressure or ambition regarding matters of personal achievement. Career questions emerge amidst feelings of desire. Consider what you’re doing currently and where it’s taking you. Perhaps it’s time to resurrect old dreams and goals. Knowing what you want is the first step toward getting it.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 22) People, places and things that you have recently identified as problems may suddenly seem less so. In fact, you may actually see it all now as necessary and advantageous. Teachers come in all shapes and sizes. Recognizing that the most difficult times are often the most valuable times is one of the most cherished secrets of mystery schools and metaphysical teachings. Lessons are golden keys. Learn.

Virgo (Aug. 22-Sep. 22) The last several weeks have focused on your personal relationships and the feelings you have regarding others. Are my emotional needs being met? Why am I so annoyed by what the say, do or don’t do? Now that the Sun has moved into Aries, you will see a shift of focus to partnerships of a business or financial nature. Be cautious regarding joint investment. Clarify intentions, desires and responsibilities.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 22) As the Sun enters your solar 7th house of sharing and pairing, you may feel a shift of focus and priority regarding others. Relationships in general take center stage and you may feel as if you are neglecting yourself in the process. Spring equinox marks the halfway point through your personal year and it’s a very good time for looking back to where you’ve been and where you want to go. Don’t lose sight of that.

Scorpio (Oct. 22-Nov. 21) The Aries zodiac month marks an annual time of self-improvement, work and well-being for the Scorpion. After all, it’s something you love and something you know exactly how to do. Enjoy the season by embracing the natural energies of resurrection, rebirth and renewal. Make lists and identify areas of your life that could use bolstering and amendment. Balance periods of intense activity with periods of rest.

Sagittarius (Nov. 21-Dec. 20) Springtime is one of the most inspirational, exciting and uplifting times of year for the Archer. Renewal and rebirth are themes. Set your sights high and refuse to settle for second best. Positive thinking, enthusiastic attitudes and courageous acts are allies in your quest of discovery. Embrace the power of now as you gather ideas and information. Remember: Fantasy is fun but facts get the job done. Focus on the facts.

Capricorn (Dec. 20-Jan. 19) Synchronicity and coincidence combine in a dance of creation and manifestation as you feel drawn to certain people, places and things. Fate and destiny are always factors in life’s equation of direction and outcome, but it’s also a question of how much value to give them. That said, surrendering yourself to the possibility of magic in your life is magical. Pay attention to what comes your way each day and embrace it.

Aquarius (Jan. 19-Feb. 18) As the Sun moves into one of the more social, talkative and curious sectors of your solar chart this week and upcoming zodiac month, you will find that you have no problem when it comes to expressing your opinion or asking questions you want to ask. While this is all fun and games, be conscious of what you say and to whom you say it. In your quest for conversation you may say too much. The word is a powerful weapon.

Pisces (Feb. 18-Mar. 20) As you move into the second zodiac month of your solar year, take note of what you think you want and what you really want. Make a list of intentions and desires and examine them. Are you setting your sights too low? What are your beliefs and values? Dreams and ambitions? You may feel comfortable, confident and content these days. Congratulations. Just make sure you are happy and healthy. Good luck!

Cynthia is a third generation astrologer living on a high mountain mesa 40 miles west of Telluride. Visit her website @






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