ALACAZEM 2015.03.05

ALACAZEM 2015.03.05

March 5 to 12, 2015   Visible planets: Morning: Saturn    Evening: Venus, Mars, Jupiter

GetInline-3Wild news, explosive events and radical awakenings are par for the course this week as a dueling dance of personal vs. universal will emanate throughout the cosmos. WE, as people living and breathing, the human race and all animals, plants and organic life – right here, right now – are facing a ginormous, gargantuan, daunting task. How do we survive and thrive in an increasingly threatening world?

How do we work with and effectively manage our survival instincts for forces of goodness and grace in the swallowing darkness of evil and destruction? How can one man or woman make a difference in the battle against violence, genocide and torture? Don’t we yet understand that fighting fire with fire, war with war and hate with hate does nothing but generate more of the same? Have we evolved as a species as anything more and or better than what we were millennia ago?

It’s still all about survival. After all, it’s our primal instinct. And to survive, it seems we – the “evolved” human race – in all our beauty and bounty, are compelled to kill. What happened to peace?

GetInlineOn March 16th [@ 7:50 pm MDT] revolutionary planet Uranus – in survival, fight-or-flight, “me first” Aries – forms the 7th and final exact square to evolutionary planet Pluto – in controlling, authoritarian, “respect the systems in power” Capricorn. Uranus energy is explosive, exciting, radical, unpredictable and awakening. In Aries it manifests via individual experience, self-awareness and sense of self. We are poignantly aware of our own individual needs, wants and desires. The ego here is strong. It is here we are willing to fight – fight to survive, fight for what we want – embrace the power within and become the spiritual warriors we were born to be.

Pluto energy is seductive, seething and dark. It wants power at any cost – good or bad – the means justify the end. Pluto represents the powers that rule the world as well as generational power and angst. It is power that may be and is often hidden, powers much greater than the individual self, powers that destroy and destruct. GetInline-4Pluto also represents death and rebirth, degeneration and regeneration, the phoenix that rises from the ashes, that which lives through holocaust and apocalypse; it is power through pain. In Capricorn, Pluto energy manifests via governments, sovereign rulers and kingdoms, war and money machines, corporations, the military and the aristocracy. None of these entities want to give up their power, or surrender to the Uranus in Aries individual. But in this ongoing Uranus-Pluto process, they are all being exposed.

Wonder-Woman-by-Alex-Ross-600x337So, here we are, the individual self amongst our brothers and sisters in arms, facing forces much greater and more powerful than ourselves, attempting to survive and thrive. And we are moving ever closer to the last of the exact Uranus-Pluto squares. And since the first one took place in June of 2012, it’s been an ongoing, perpetual motion machine of individual and collective metamorphic, transformational awakening and evolutionary change. Now we’re coming down the final stretch. Good luck and may the forces of goodness, courage, fortitude, strength, integrity and grace be with us all.

Aries (Mar. 20-Apr. 19) The Sun and Neptune in Pisces take on Venus, Mars and Uranus in Aries this week in a dueling dance of personal vs. universal will. As we know, the ego is not our amigo, and yet its power is phenomenal. Self will can run riot and destroy the very things we have tried so long and hard to establish: compassion, forgiveness, loving-kindness and surrender. Beware of anger and compulsive behaviors. Tap into love.

Taurus (Apr. 19-May 20) Beware of invisible forces coming from covert places and spaces – maybe even people – that may be working against you. Always a reluctantly delicate subject, and always a subjective one, jealously and resentment are sinister, insidious emotions that can invade even the most enlightened, well-intentioned relationships. The tonic here is open, loving kindness and compassionate, honest truth. Do your best and forget the rest.

Gemini (May 20-June 20) The March 5th full Moon in Virgo-Pisces challenged the Twins to accept and integrate the impactful events and changes involving family and professional direction that have recently come to pass. Compassion and loving-kindness are golden keys here; make sure you are practicing it with yourself as well as others. Friends are both supportive and enlightening, awakening the best within. Love the ones you’re with, be present.

Cancer (June 20-July 21) A week of rather intense energy presents itself as Venus, Mars and Uranus in Aries awaken your to the radical, wild and potentially upsetting – but also exciting! – world outside your door. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone worked together for the good of all concerned? That’s not the way it is, but there are good people out there just waiting and wanting to be discovered. Gather courage, faith and hope. Go forth.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 22) You may be stunned by something or someone amazingly exciting as love planet Venus in Aries backs up Mars, Jupiter and Uranus in a dance of good faith and explosive opportunity this week. Focus on goodness – good thoughts, good deeds and good intention – and you will discover gold beyond measure. Focus on fear, anger, resentment and selfish intention guarantees disaster. It’s a conscious choice.

Virgo (Aug. 22-Sep. 22) As the March 5th Virgo full Moon provides you with illuminating, enlightening relationship activities, experiences and exchanges, take a good look at whether you are really being honest with yourself. Transparency and trust are the foundational stones of a good partnership. Honesty does not mean hurting others by sharing your doubts and dislikes about them. It’s having clean motive and good intention. Dig deep.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 22) Plenty of relationship activity comes your way this week as a rather explosive Mars-Uranus conjunction in your fiery 7th house of relationships follows a fortuitous trine to Jupiter in amorous Leo. You may find others full of energy, over the top and possible demanding as they surprise, excite and express their desires. Stay calm, keep the peace and balance drama with reason. Stay centered and enjoy the show.

Scorpio (Oct. 22-Nov. 21) You may feel cooler and calmer than you have in years as Saturn has exited Scorpio, entered Sagittarius, and left you with a toolbox of practical, realistic, utilitarian tools for managing and navigating the inevitable twists and turns, ups and downs of life. Good things come to those who cultivate patience and fortitude. Perseverance furthers. Balance is the key to success now. Breathe deep and take it easy, one day at a time.

Sagittarius (Nov. 21-Dec. 20) A fiery week of love and romance, desire and will presents itself, calling upon the best within to navigate the road ahead. You enjoy attention, action and excitement, so seize the day and go forth. Just make sure you are keeping your heart in the right place, practicing honesty and maintaining a good spiritual condition. An explosive Mars-Uranus conjunction may tempt fate. Stay the course, and simply do the next right thing.

Capricorn (Dec. 20-Jan. 19) As we move ever closer to the 7th and final exact Uranus-Pluto square on March 16th, gather your courage, faith and good intention. Dig deep. After several years of intense challenge and forced change, you are transformed. These metamorphic experiences have served the daunting and awesome purpose of awakening and enlightenment, opening doors to soul and spirit. Feel your heart and stay on the path.

Aquarius (Jan. 19-Feb. 18) A snap, crackle pop week of interaction and activity opens doors and impels expansion. Working with people of common interest and intention provides you with a variety of new information and inspiration, which is exactly what you need. New ideas, methods and examples of success stimulate creativity and fuel self-improvement. Share good feelings and ideas with partners and find time for fun.

Pisces (Feb. 18-Mar. 20) You may be surprised by a renewed sense of purpose and creative desire that emerges as wake-up Uranus joins force with motivational Mars in your solar second house of personal earnings and income. Natural talents and artistic gifts pop up as a potent and powerful means to accomplishment. Generous, good luck Jupiter encourages enlightened work and service. Keep your eyes open and follow the signs.

Cynthia is a third generation astrologer living on a high mountain mesa 40 miles west of Telluride. Visit her website @






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