SPARKy Productions: SPARKfilms, Telluride Library & Palm

SPARKy Productions: SPARKfilms, Telluride Library & Palm

Very special SPARKfilms presentations Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, February 24 – 26.

Francois Truffaut

Director Francois Truffaut

Next week SPARKy is hosting three big screen events.

The National Theatre of Great Britain’s NT LIVE series presents a new production of the classic, “Treasure Island.” The screening takes place at the Palm on Tuesday, February 24.

Adapted by Bryony Lavery, Stevenson’s story of murder, money and mutiny really comes to life in this exciting new stage production.

It is a dark and stormy night. The stars are out…. Jim, the inn-keeper’s granddaughter – yes, in the adaptation, Jim morphs into a girl – opens the door to a terrifying stranger. At the old sailor’s feet sits a huge sea-chest full of secrets… Jim invites the man in. And so begins her dangerous voyage.

(Suitable for 10+.)

Then, If you’ve ever wanted to learn about film or take a film class, SPARKy Productions is hosting two nights of foreign films that changed the face of cinema. Those screenings take place at the Wilkinson Public Library.

Host Jeffrey Price, whose screenwriting credits include “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and “The Grinch,” explains why exactly both movies are considered the finest examples of New Age Cinema.

The screening on Wednesday, February 25, features one of the best loved Czech films, the Academy Award-winning 1966 “Closely Watch Trains,” directed by Jiri Menzel. This wry and tender masterpiece of human observation tells the story of a a young Czech man, who longs to liberate himself from his virginity, but is oblivious about the war he sets off on his journey of sexual awakening and discovery.

Scene from “Stolen Kisses"

Scene from “Closely Watched Trains”

The following evening, Thursday, February 26, features Francois Truffaut’s masterpiece “Stolen Kisses,” a movie so full of love that to properly capture its essence in words could make it sound like a religious experience. But it isn’t. “Stolen Kisses” is a romantic comedy in which a young man is forced to choose between two women.

The two films were carefully chosen by Price because as he says:

“These movies from the late 60’s had the greatest influence on me as a college student. Not only are they great films, but they served as primers for love and sexual awakening.”

Dates & Times Recapped:

Tuesday, February 24, “Treasure Island” at the Palm 6 p.m. Tickets $15. Students $10. SPARKy Members FREE.

Wednesday, February 25, “Closely Watched Trains” at the Wilkinson Library at 6 p.m.

Thursday, February 26, “Stolen Kisses” at 6p.m.

Both films at the Library are FREE to the public.

For a preview of the screenings, watch this trailer of “Closely Watched Trains.”

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