Healthiest Diet for Your Dog

Healthiest Diet for Your Dog

Telluride is obsessed with its pets. Our four-legged friends are treated like members of the family. And Second Chance Humane Society, a no-kill shelter based in Ridgway, gets major support through this community at its Thrift Shop and then some. (Second Chance also posts weekly on Telluride Inside.. and Out to encourage dog and cat adoptions.) Telluride is also super health conscious. But do those green eating habits practices extend to Fido? To find out more about the healthiest diet for your dog, read this blog by Anastasia Pantsios from EcoWatch.

The humor columnist Dave Barry once described the dog’s dietary philosophy: “If it falls on the ground, eat it. You can always throw it up later.”

That dogs are omnivores is no secret. It does seem sometimes as if dogs have no limits on what they’ll put in their mouths; most dog owners have had the experience of trying to keep their pet from consuming something absolutely gross. But your pet does need to eat well, and there’s no shortage of products on the shelves promising to keep him in glowing good health, make his coat shine and extend his lifespan.

Dogs aren’t exactly gourmets, but as a pet owner you should make sure he eats a high-quality diet. Photo credit: Shutterstock

There’s also no shortage of advice on how to feed your dog for good health, and some of it is daunting. Should you cook your pet’s food instead of buying a commercial food? Should you feed your pet raw foods? What about organic? Dogs Naturally magazine even provides a list of superfoods it says no dog should be without—raw eggs, organ meats, coconut oil, green tripe, milk thistle. The magazine advocates these foods as things that can give a dog a little extra nutrition boost.

Holistic health counselor Barbara Laino is one of those who promotes making your own dog food, preferably organic. She told The Bark in a feature How and Why to Cook Your Dog’s Food, “Organic is a great thing, along with grass-fed meat, which is even better than organic. Most premium dog food is not certified organic…

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