Telluride Library: Crafting the Human Future

Telluride Library: Crafting the Human Future

Lawry de Bivort on the future of humankind at the Wilkinson Public Library, Wednesday, January 28, 6:00 p.m.

Lawrence (Lawry) de Bivort

Lawrence (Lawry) de Bivort

Humankind—including each one of us—is the first species in planetary history to have the ability to beneficially manage our own evolutionary future. True, we are now generating global crises that may jeopardize our existence, such as widening war, climate threats, pollution, political corruption and stalemate, privacy, and increasingly distorted economies, but these crises are simply absolute indicators that we—humankind—must learn to make decisions and do things in profoundly different and better ways.

But will we opt to do so?

CRAFTING THE HUMAN FUTURE will explore the key elements of a conscious, coherent, and comprehensive management of our future – the “what, why and how” of choosing to build a future for humankind that manifests our very best capabilities, motives, energies, and intelligence.

Together, we have the ability to make our positive vision our reality. Please join us in a stimulating and thoughtful discussion on this most important of all matters.

This is a one time “try-it” talk/workshop in advance of a free multi-week series facilitated by Lawrence de Bivort.

Lawry de Bivort holds a BA from Stanford University and PhD from the School of Advanced International Studies of the Johns Hopkins University. Over the last four decades he has explored the extraordinary possibility that we—humankind—can learn to manage our social, economic, political, and technological evolution, and so build a deeply desirable world. De Bivort has worked on the key dynamics of transformational change, the fundamental obstacles we face, and on far-reaching strategies for overcoming them.

De Bivort is head of the Evolutionary Services Institute. He teaches with US government agencies, foreign governments, foreign and US companies, universities and schools, and NGO and non-profit civil society organizations.


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