Golden Globes: And the Winners Are?

Golden Globes: And the Winners Are?

Here’s what see in our review of the 41st annual Telluride Film Festival:

“It’s a bird.

It’s a plane – not.

It’s “Birdman,” a winged version of Superman and all the other hollow comic book super heroes at the center of pow!, wow!, bang, snap, crackle and pop orgies, the “toxic crap” (according to “Birdman’s” fictive New York Times critic) at the center of so many mind-numbing Hollywood blockbusters.


But “Birdman,” the movie is anything but old-hat or formulaic. It is director Alejandro Inarritu’s fifth film and first true masterpiece. The comedic melodrama is also one of the best and brightest movies of the 41st annual Telluride Film Festival, a world-renowned, much-loved paen to what Orson Welles once described as “ribbons of dreams.”

“Birdman” somewhat paradoxically wins hearts and minds – and likely a suitcase full of Golden Statues for the director, star Michael Keaton, the extraordinary ensemble cast, and cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki of “Gravity” fame, who shoots the film in a simulated long take..”

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And here is what Tim Gray, Awards Editor, Variety predicts:


The Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. will present the 72nd annual Golden Globes on Sunday, including awards in 14 film categories. Here are Variety’s predictions of what will win.

There are a lot of terrific contenders in this race, but the awards-season enthusiasm for “Boyhood” may continue. A possible upset could come from “Selma,” which had a low profile until it debuted at the AFI Fest in November. And there are ardent fans for “Foxcatcher,” “The Imitation Game” and “The Theory of Everything,” so there are no sure bets.
Prediction: “Boyhood”

“Birdman” led Golden Globe nominations with seven, which indicates widespread appreciation for the film. Though “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and “Into the Woods” would be easy winners in any other year, they seem likely to be runners-up. The HFPA gets a pat on the back for nominating the little-seen but admirable “Pride.” Also in the mix: “St. Vincent.”
Prediction: “Birdman”

Alejandro Inarritu (“Birdman”) and Richard Linklater (“Boyhood”) deserve awards just for their originality and the degree of difficulty involved. Wes Anderson (“Grand Budapest Hotel”) and David Fincher (“Gone Girl”) seem to be getting stronger with each film. Still, they may all end up as also-rans to Ava DuVernay, for “Selma.”
Prediction: Ava DuVernay, “Selma”…

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