Telluride Arts District: Holiday Arts Bazaar

Telluride Arts District: Holiday Arts Bazaar

Holidays making you feel blorfty?

Can’t say cause you don’t know what blorft is?

Telluride in the bad old day, by Ingrid Lundahl at Bazaar

Telluride in the bad old days, by Ingrid Lundahl at Bazaar

“Blorft” is comedian Tina Fey’s way of describing angst, holiday angst included. According to the superstar comic, the adjective is shorthand for “completely overwhelmed but proceeding as if everything is fine and reacting to the stress with the torpor of a possum.”

Part One of the holiday trifecta, Thanksgiving, is over. Thank heaven. Yes, you ate too much, but next day, you ran off the guilt. Now it’s on to the REALLY BIG STRESSOR: Christmas –  at least the secular version of the holiday, when, Puff!, like magic, people we care deeply about morph into boxes to check off on a holiday gift list.

Need some ideas?

For the lady in your life with everything, how about Victoria’s Secret’s annual holiday over-the-top (pun intended) bejeweled bra for somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 million clams?

Handmade skirt, Holiday Baz

Handmade skirt, Holiday Bazaar

And for the man about town, think about the Hoorsenbubs and Newbark’s customized slip-on shoe? It is made of American alligator with the option of a silver or yellow, white and rose gold buckles or chains, with or without diamonds. (Price on request.)

For the kid born with a platinum spoon in his or her mouth, there’s always the Goldgenie, an 18-karat-gold Apple iPad for only $2,411.

Something for the whole family to enjoy?  Why not a Daniel Chadwick backgammon set for the bargain basement price of $950.

Not part of the 1 percent? Or just don’t want to show off. Unfurrow your brow. Stop gnashing your teeth. There are ways to make amends – and friends. And they are homegrown, piggybank friendly – and local.

Chocolate mushrooms, Telluride Arts' Holiday Arts Bazaar

Chocolate mushrooms, Telluride Arts’ Holiday Arts Bazaar

Telluride Arts’ Holiday Arts Bazaar is a lively annual holiday tradition that features a wide variety of fine arts, crafts and artisan foods made in the Telluride region.

The 9th annual Bazaar features a selection of high-quality, handmade items from over 30 local artists and artisans, including Kathy Green (handmade scarfs and bags); Denise Weaver (Smart by Nature, Handcrafted Soaps and Body Products); Cheryl Loebe (Piece of Cake, handmade sweets); Deidra Krois, (handmade pottery); and Jennifer Babiak, (designer skirts).

New this year: a performance by the Telluride Choral Society; hot food and favorites form Rabbit Rabbit; and fun family goodies.

Held at the Telluride High School Cafeteria, the Holiday Arts Bazaar opens on Friday, December 5, 5-8pm; Saturday, December 6,10am-7pm; and Sunday, December 7th from 11am-3pm.

Necklace by Susan Jeans

Necklace by Susan Jeans

Buy local and handmade this holiday season and feel good about giving gifts that give back to the community.

For information, contact The Telluride Arts District. Find us at the Stronghouse Studios + Gallery at 283 South Fir Street, at,, or 970.728.3930.

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