Seriously Retro Sex Tips for Teens

Seriously Retro Sex Tips for Teens

Holding hands is a sign you are a “fast” girl. Really? Well yes, in virgin pin, poodle skirt days of the 1950s. This article offering “10 Hilariously Bad Pieces of Retro Sex Advice for Teens” from the Huff Post had me laughing out loud.

Sex ed is pretty awkward, but sex ed of the past was apparently even worse.

Parents and teachers have always been generally lousy when it comes to talking about all matters of the heart, but when came to explaining the dreaded “birds and the bees” back in the day, things not only got super squirmy, but also insanely inaccurate.

These are just some of the best snippets of sex ed that will make you oh-so-glad to be a teen today.

1. Girls find making out boring, but they’ll do it to please boys.


“Most girls do not care for the experience, but some of them are willing to submit to it because they believe it’s part of the price they have to pay for the privilege of being taken out by such a wonderful hunk of a man as you happen to be.” —Bert Y. Glassberg, 1958
2. Keep your mind virginal, or else…


“Not only is the mind to be kept pure, but the imagination must be carefully guarded. Turn away from obscene pictures as you would from the most loathsome contagion. — “What A Man Ought To Know,” 1897.
3. Girls who hold hands are easy.

retro teen boy

“No hand-holding during the movie even if he insists and you’d like to. It may be a test to see whether you’re an easy mark.” — “Date Data,” 1954.

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