Opera House: “The Ugly Duckling”

Opera House: “The Ugly Duckling”

Written and directed by Jennifer Julia, “The Ugly Ducking: A Middle School Adventure Story,” performed by students in grades 6 – 8 at the historic Sheridan Opera House, Friday – Sunday, Dec. 5-7, 2014, 6 p.m. Adults $13; children 12 & under $11;  lap children free.


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The Sheridan Arts Foundation kicks off its 2014-15 school year with “The Ugly Ducking: A Middle School Adventure Story.”

The SAFYPT’s version of “The Ugly Duckling” is an hilarious musical romp through the highs and lows of middle school with a definite twist on the original Hans Christian Anderson version, which tells the story of a homely little bird born in a barnyard who suffers abuse from the others around him until, much to his delight (and to the surprise of others), he matures into a beautiful swan, the most beautiful bird of all.

Written and directed by YPT artistic director Jennifer Julia, the production features Fowler Webber, an 8th grade inventor who just doesn’t fit in. Born to a “perfect” family that fits the mold in every way, Fowler struggles with the quintessential questions: “Who am I?” and “Where do I belong?” Luckily his loyal gang of misfit friends (known as the Cheese Cutters due to an unfortunate 4th grade experience they can’t seem to live down) is there to help cope with the other kids in school who seem to have it easier.  These groups include the ultra-creative Artistas, the cookie-cutter Happy Hollys and the uber popular Fabulas. Things seem pretty bleak for Fowler and his friends until the new girl, Swanson (see what we did there?), moves to town and provides some new perspective on life in general.

“Although our story takes place in sort of an alternate universe (the school mascot is called Sparklemuffin) this middle school world is one that everyone will recognize. The biggest lesson in this stage of life is acceptance — accepting others and accepting yourself,” explains director and playwright Jennifer Julia.

Starring 29 students in grades 6-8, the play features originally composed songs (lyrics by Julia and score by musical director Bob Israel) as well as a selection of 80s tunes. (Why not?)

“The Ugly Duckling” is a show for the entire family!  Tickets are for reserved seating, and are available on the Sheridan Opera House website here. The concessions stand will be open for each show so bring the whole family down for a night of laughter and entertainment.

Calling all kids ages 6-10 who love theater! Join the YPT for the SAFYPT’s SUPER SATURDAY!

Spend the afternoon with Director Jennifer Julia playing theater games on stage, making crafts and exploring the Sheridan Opera House. Then grab a seat and some popcorn and watch “The Ugly Duckling” with us! Super Saturday tuition is $100 per child, includes ticket price & pizza dinner! Saturday, Dec. 6, 3-7:30 p.m. To reserve your child’s spot please contact Jen Julia at 728-6363 ext. 2.

The Sheridan Arts Foundation was founded in 1991 as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization to preserve the historic Sheridan Opera House as an arts and cultural resource for the Telluride community, to bring quality arts and cultural events to Telluride and to provide local and national youth with access and exposure to the arts through education. The Sheridan Arts Foundation is sponsored in part by grants from the Telluride Foundation. CCAASE and CCI.

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