Telluride Museum: A Talk About Pueblo Pottery

Telluride Museum: A Talk About Pueblo Pottery

A history of ancestral Pueblo pottery, studies in the Southwest, presented by Telluride Historical Museum in association with Crow Canyon Archaeological Center at Telluride Library.


Crow Canyon Archaeological Center  is located northwest of the town of Cortez in southwestern Colorado. Crow Canyon is 15 miles west of the entrance to Mesa Verde National Park and 40 miles northeast of the Four Corners Monument, where the states of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico meet – or a rewarding day trip of about two hours from the town of Telluride.

For almost 30 years, Crow Canyon’s on-campus staff has made its business to study and teach human history, particularly the rich history of the ancestral Pueblo Indians (aka, the Anasazi), who inhabited the canyons and mesas of the Mesa Verde region over 700 years ago. Crow Canyon may be regional, but its vision is global: “To expand the sphere in which we operate, both geographically and intellectually, and show how the knowledge gained through archaeology can help build a healthier society.”

And the Center walks its talk: all of its award-winning programs are developed in consultation with American Indians, enhancing the archaeological perspective of scholars with a cross-cultural perspective.

One of those scholars is Kari Schleher, laboratory manager.

On Monday, September 22, 6 p.m., Program Room, Wilkinson Public Library, Dr. Schleher is scheduled to speak about “The Archaeology of Pueblo Pottery: A History of Ancestral Pueblo Pottery Studies in the Southwest. The program is presented by the Telluride Historical Museum in cooperation with Crow Canyon.

Around A.D. 200, Pueblo people in the Southwest began producing pottery – utilitarian brown wares, and later, exquisitely painted white wares. Dr. Schleher will talk about how the study of this pottery is helping to address questions of migration and community development in the Basketmaker III period, A.D. 500 – 700.

To learn more and for a preview of the talk, click the “play” button.

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