Screenwriters in the Sky

Screenwriters in the Sky

Out of 15 nominations, Woody Allen won three times, the most in the category. Francis Ford Coppola (1970) and Sofia Coppola (2003) are the only father-daughter pair to triumph; Joel and Ethan Coen, the only siblings to take home a statue. Muriel Box was the first woman. Claude Lelouch, Robert Towne and Pedro Almodovar are also in that elite fraternity. And you? Do you want to add your name to the list of Oscar-winning screenwriters?


Screenwriters in the Sky is a collaboration between The Wilkinson Library, Ah Haa School of the Arts, The Palm Theater and Telluride TV. The original program was founded by entertainment attorney and film producer Lary Simpson, a Telluride resident, who runs Lary Simpson Productions (LSP), a company with a dynamic slate of projects ranging from big-budget commercial pictures to smaller, more character-driven independents.

Lary so enjoyed participating in the  start-up workshop, he decided to up the game, gathering together select non-profit executive directors and reaching into his own wallet to support the endeavor. The icing on the cake: the team he is consistently able to put together from among his Industry connections.

Lary’s vision: brand Telluride as a  great place to come for an education in screenwriting.

Screenwriters in the Sky evolved into a yearly educational program targeting aspiring writers wanting to create scripts for the big screen. Through the workshop, participants gain a better understanding of the screenwriting process and acquire the initial building blocks needed to refine and sell their idea. Programs are lead by highly successful working professionals, in the field, Lary’s colleagues, who also meet one-on-one with students. The dream team also offers an insider’s perspective on the film industry and what it will takes to make it.

Iam Fried, guest instructor at Screenwriters  in the Sky

Iam Fried, guest instructor at Screenwriters in the Sky.

Your career as a professional screenwriter could start this weekend, October 3-5.

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