Robert Cray On Being A Blues Legend: "At The End Of The Day, You Have To Play Tomorrow"

Robert Cray on Being a Blues Legend:

Blues legend Robert Cray will be performing at the Telluride Blues & Brews Festival on Friday at 5:50 PM. ┬áHere’s a recent interview with Robert that appeared in the DC9, Dallas Observer Blog:

Prior to 1986, Robert Cray was just another talented blues guitarist wondering where his next gig was going to be. But after the Strong Persuader album and the hit single “Smoking Gun,” Cray became a viable commercial proposition across several genres. Cray has parlayed that success into a four- decade-long career that has earned him four Grammys and a spot in the Blues Hall of Fame.

Speaking from a hotel room while on tour, Cray spoke with DC9 about his love for the blues, his cameo in the film Animal House and how he’s maintained such a loyal following for all of these years.

DC9 at Night: How did you get introduced to the blues?

Cray: Well, I grew up listening to blues music at home. I rediscovered it again with some teenage friends of mine. We were about 15 or 16 years old.

Who in your family was the blues fan?

Well, my dad had the B.B. King and John Lee Hooker records. He also had records by Bobby Blue Bland, Sam Cooke and Ray Charles. We would sit home and listen to a lot of gospel music that was played on Sundays.

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