Poets’ Corner: Goodtimes On The Fall

Feel that cold breeze in the air? Summer is in the rear view mirror. Fall is canopies of red, gold and orange leaves. It is puffy vests, cashmere sweaters and boots once again. It is lattes – it is always lattes – ale and pumpkins. It is this poem by county commissioner and poet, Art Goodtimes, aka, “shroompa.”


Early Fall Color Drive


From the get-go

hints of lemon & vin rosé

streak the gambel oak bushes


along the San Miguel’s

tight red canyon cliffs.

Civilized only by CDOT’s


macadam & roadsigns

& Tri-State’s overhead powerlines.

By the time I pass


flowering sagebrush slopes

golden right-of-way vines

& the cottonwoods’ autumn aging


I’m in double yellow heaven.

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