The 6 Beers You Should Always Have In Your Fridge For Killer Pairings

The 6 Beers You Should Always Have in Your Fridge for Killer Pairings

Mike Reis,  a Writer for and a Certified Cicerone (look it up!) working as Minister of Education for California-based distributor Lime Ventures, is more than happy to share, “the best beers to keep in your fridge for whatever meal you’re cooking.

Plain seared scallop: not bad. Seared scallop in a lemon brown butter sauce? Awesome. Tortilla chip: decent. Tortilla chip with fresh guacamole? Awesome. Any good dish: good. That dish with the right beer served alongside it? Much, much better.

The idea that a well-picked beer can improve whatever food you’re serving has been driving a lot of my writing here recently: we’ve explored beer pairings to make for better barbecues and better Middle Eastern feasts, better Mexican meals and even amped up dessert courses.

But if you’re like me, your meals are more often slapped together, thought up off the cuff, or inspired by a quick flip through your favorite cookbook. Meticulous planning doesn’t always happen, especially on a weeknight. And if you’re even more like me, there’s no friggin’ chance you’re going to run to the bottle shop to get the perfect beer for that dinner you just thought up.

Don’t think for a minute that means I’m left beerless and unsatisfied when it comes to supper sippin’, though. My fridge is prepared for everything, and yours can be too.

With a well-picked sixer by your side, there’s hardly a dish out there that can’t be made better.

So here they are: the six beers you should always have in your fridge for killer pairings…

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