Telluride Film Fest: Meyer Sound Partner, Bringing Sound to New Heights at Herzog

Telluride Film Fest: Meyer Sound Partner, Bringing Sound to New Heights at Herzog

The Telluride Film Festival is proud to announce the permanent acquisition of a complete Meyer Sound 7.1 cinema sound system for the new Werner Herzog Theater. Custom designed for the Herzog by Meyer Sound, the system is anchored by the Company’s renowned Acheron loudspeakers featuring the sonic linearity and accuracy that defines John Meyer’s philosophy of sound reproduction. Telluride audiences will now have the same sound experience that the director and sound artists initially envisioned for the film and an experience that replicates the audio used to create the soundtrack.


“Our sophisticated Festival attendees want high quality film experiences on all fronts from our curation to the visual projection to the experience of sound,” said Julie Huntsinger, Telluride Film Festival executive director. “John Meyer is a true visionary in the sound world and the company’s valued partnership with our festival demonstrates the commitment of both organizations to providing the absolute best for our audiences.”

 “Sound has long lagged behind the visual in terms of how we experience film, but with Acheron we are now able to offer audience the equivalent aural experience to a 4k visual,” said John Meyer, co-founder and CEO of Meyer Sound. “Telluride offers a rare opportunity for fans and stars to set aside their ‘roles’ and truly experience film as one community.  It is an honor to showcase our extraordinary sound experience to such a discerning audience.” 

Founded by John and Helen Meyer in 1979, Meyer Sound sets the industry standard for audio solutions across the board. Perhaps best known for its sound reinforcement used in big name touring rock and roll, Meyer Sound is also acclaimed for sound solution applications in classical concert halls, basketball and football stadiums, airports, churches, and on the Broadway stage.  In the cinema world, Skywalker Sound, De Lane Lea in London, DreamWorks Animation, and James Cameron’s Lightstorm have adopted Acheron, and the systems are making steady progress into the exhibition world with screens in Germany, Scandinavia, South Korea, and various locations in the US. Director Francis Ford Coppola, stated, I’m very impressed with the effortless power and clarity of sound of the Meyer Sound cinema system. If only every theatre had a system like this they would have the same remarkable experience I have on my stage.” And Wim Wenders, who experienced a Meyer Sound cinema system at Telluride in 2011 had this to say: “I’ve seen ‘Pina’ in many theaters all over the world now, in different 3D systems. I can safely say that ‘Pina’ sounds by far the best in theatres equipped with Meyer Sound EXP. It is a quality that is truly addictive.”

Founded in 1979 and now a global company with more than 300 employees worldwide, John Meyer’s wide ranging intellect and curiosity is behind the acquisition of more than 40 patents.  Steadfastly committed to innovation, Meyer Sound products are built completely in Berkeley allowing for the accuracy, quality control and nearly precision for which the company is known.  This is Meyer Sound’s fourth year of sponsorship for The Telluride Film Festival.

About the Werner Herzog Theater System: 

The 7.1 surround Meyer Sound system at the Werner Herzog Theatre is anchored by three Acheron 100 screen channel loudspeakers, each paired with an Acheron LF screen channel loudspeaker. Dolby 7.1 surround sound is provided by 22 HMS-12 cinema surround loudspeakers, controlled LFE is provided by 10 X-800C studio subwoofers, and the entire system is driven and aligned by a Galileo loudspeaker management system with three Galileo 616 processors.

About Telluride Film Festival

The prestigious Telluride Film Festival ranks among the world’s best film festivals and is an annual gathering for film industry insiders, cinema enthusiasts, filmmakers and critics. TFF is considered a major launching ground for the fall season’s most talked-about films. Founded in 1974, Telluride Film Festival, presented in the beautiful mountain town of Telluride, Colorado, is a four-day international educational event celebrating the art of film. Telluride Film Festival’s long-standing commitment is to join filmmakers and film connoisseurs together to experience great cinema. The exciting schedule, kept secret until Opening Day, consists of over two dozen filmmakers presenting their newest works, special Guest Director programs, three major Tributes to guest artists, special events and remarkable treasures from the past. Telluride Film Festival is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit educational program. Festival headquarters are in Berkeley, CA.

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