Second Chance: Telluride Thrift Shop Review

Second Chance: Telluride Thrift Shop Review

The announcement of the transfer of the Telluride Thrift Shop to Second Chance Humane Society has created excitement as well as questions and I thought I would tackle those questions for you today – as it is to my benefit as a homeless pet that this significant occurrence be understood by the community for the fabulously positive event that it is.

This week’s Second Chance reporter, Feron

This week’s Second Chance reporter, Feron


Below are some answers to questions I have been hearing on the street:

When is Second Chance opening the shop?

Second Chance has owned and operated the Telluride Thrift Shop as of August1 and the shop will maintains its regular summer hours of 11 AM – 6 PM daily.

The Second Chance staff is preparing for a celebration to mark the transfer of the shop through a big shop sale and mobile adoption event on Saturday, September 6.  The event will include door prizes, live music, a storewide sale and shelter pets on site for adoption.  Additionally, an autographed hoodie signed by Olympic medalist Gus Kenworthy is being raffled off, tickets are available at both Thrift Shops, and the drawing will take place on the 6th as well.

Is the Telluride Animal Foundation dissolving?

No, they are just “simplifying” so that they can focus specifically on their outreach programs. They support various animal welfare organizations throughout the four corners region and will continue doing that while Second Chance continues with a local focus of the tri-county area of San Miguel, Ouray and Montrose Counties.

Where will funding from the Second Chance Telluride Thrift Shop go?

Second Chance has committed $50K annually to TAF for their programs and the rest will remain for Second Chance’s local programming such as spay/neuter, humane education, and mobile adoptions. With the success of the capital campaign for the new dog facility now in the rearview mirror, Second Chance is excited to return its focus to expanding its community services and programming.

Will the Telluride Thrift Shop change?

Other than some moderate changes to the appearance of the store the most significant change will be through increasing the stores capacity to receive and sell donations. By hiring additional staff to support this growth, coupled with the ability to transfer overflow or larger items to their shop in Ridgway, the goal is to turn over donations faster and allow space for more sales at both shops.

Can I now drop my big donations in Telluride?

Keeping in mind that it is the profit from the Shops that help keep homeless pets like me fed, cared for and spay/neutered, it is more cost effective for Second Chance if you can still get larger sized items to the Ridgway Thrift Shop – however Second Chance does still offer pick up for large donations if necessary. When in question just call Thrift Shop Manager Lynda Burns (970.626.3233) for assistance.

My name is Blue. I am a handsome Hound who loves belly rubs and beautiful sunsets. I also like to follow my nose and whether it leads me to Fruit Loops or a frolic in the fields I mostly am sniffing for a new family to love me and keep me safe from thunder storms (which is how I wound up here in the first place – not a fan of the clapping booming skies…).


Editor’s note: It’s no secret. The Telluride region is dog heaven. Well, pet heaven. Unless you are one of our furry friends who gets caught in the maw of neglect and abuse. Then heaven is on hold until Second Chance Humane Society comes to the rescue. Second Chance is the region’s nonprofit dedicated to saving animals’ lives and promoting responsible pet parenting and human-animal bond. In her weekly blog, executive director Kelly Goodin profiles at least one, generally two of the many animals now living at the no-kill shelter, Angel Ridge Shelter, a dog and a cat, hoping to find them loving permanent homes. The column is sponsored by Ted Hoff of Cottonwood Ranch & Kennel, who from time to time exercises his skills as a dog whisperer, partnering with Kelly and her staff to help train a particularly challenging animal.

Ted Hoff & friend

By the by, there is no better place to park your pup than Cottonwood whenever you head out of town (for locals) or are heading to town and staying somewhere that does not allow pets. Consider joining Ted’s Very Important Dog (VID) Club for added benies. (Details on Ted’s website.)

Second Chance Humane Society Animal Resource Center and Thrift Shop are both located in Ridgway, but service San Miguel, Ouray & Montrose Counties. Call the SCHS Helpline at 626-2273 to report a lost pet, learn about adopting a homeless pet, or about the SCHS Spay/Neuter, Volunteer, Feral Cat, or other Programs. View the shelter pets and services online:


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