Poets’ Corner: Feela Celebrates Back To School

Editor’s note: We reached out to our circle of poets for their take on the arrival of Fall. Telluride Inside… and Out regular contributor David Feela answered with a poem about heading back to school. His school. The school of life.



Substitute Lesson Plans

When I’m gone I want those left

to understand where they’re heading.

Remind them behavior counts.

Ask them to open their books

to any page they haven’t read

and get familiar with listening

to what someone else has to say.

Teach the difference between will

and willpower.  Have them practice

mastering the art of explaining

important matters to people

who don’t care.  There will be questions

to answer.  If they raise their hands,

thank them for participating

but point out that in the end

they’ll have to decide for themselves.

If anyone arrives unprepared

have them curl on the floor

in a fetal position and ask them

to try again.  Contrary to popular wisdom,

people get second chances.

Show them how to relax without sleeping,

how to laugh without making fun of

someone else.  If you run out of time

I’m sorry.  Real learning requires a lifetime.

You will only have one hour.


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