Werner Herzog Talks About His Latest Film: ‘Queen Of The Desert’

Werner Herzog Talks ‘Queen Of The Desert’ & Makes "Ominous Prediction" About Nicole Kidman’s Performance

Werner Herzog Talks About His Latest Film: ‘Queen Of The Desert’

Werner Herzog Talks ‘Queen Of The Desert’ & Makes

Here’s several excerpts from an article in The Playlist about Werner Herzog’s latest film, “Queen of The Desert.”  A film that just might premier at this year’s Telluride Film Festival.

German filmmaker Werner Herzog is on the brain today. The 71-year-old filmmaker is about to celebrate the release of the superb Shout Factory boxset “Herzog: The Collection” and he’s got a new film waiting in the wings. Titled “Queen Of The Desert,” the film features the filmmaker’s most starry cast to date: Nicole Kidman, James Franco, Robert Pattinson,“Homeland”star Damian Lewis and many more. The film chronicles the events of Gertrude Bell’s life, a British explorer, traveler, archaeologist and political officer. And apparently it’s done and in the can.

Co-producer Nick N. Raslan said the movie was done and described it as a “true epic.”  Surely if the picture is done that means we can absolutely expect it at one of the fall film festivals this September, at either TIFF, Telluride, Venice or NYFF (it’s on our Fall Festival Wishlist feature as well). Producer Cassian Elwes has also said on Twitter he hopes to release the film in the fall, so that certainly means a fall film festival debut first and then hopefully after a strong reception, a distributor who’s willing to release it this year.

Why this year and not next as many indies often do? Well, according to Werner Herzog itself, it’s potentially because Nicole Kidman may have some awards-season fire in it. Playlist contributor James Rocchi spoke to Herzog last week and during a conversation about the acting powers of Klaus Kinski and Nicolas Cage, Herzog veered off to discuss how impressed he was with Kidman.

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