The 7 Most Amazing Outdoor Hidden Gems In Colorado

The 7 Most Amazing Outdoor Hidden Gems in Colorado

Sky Pond, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. Photo by Steven Bratman

Colorado is a wonderful place to live. No matter how long you’ve been here, there are still amazing, outdoor places to discover. Wild west, nature loving, and out-of-this-world hidden gems that will surprise you, and take your breath away. 303 Magazine has rounded up our favorite outdoor hidden gems in the state. Everything from Glacial lakes, to castles, to alligator farms— here are the 7 Most Amazing Outdoor Hidden Gems in Colorado.

Photo Above: A scenic, shady, and intermediate (but quite long) 9 mile path takes you to two of the most beautiful peaks imaginable—crystal blue to emerald clear glacier lakes at high altitude known as Sky Pond and Lake of Glass. A beautiful refuge in Rocky Mountain National park, that welcomes close to 3.3 Million visitors each year, these long hikes are sure to feed your hidden gem appetite. Find these beautiful glacial lakes for a truly serene escape. Bucket list check. 9 Miles into Rocky Mountain National Park, find the map here.

The 7 Most Amazing Outdoor Hidden Gems in Colorado

Manitou Springs Incline, photo by Rachel Bender

Not for the faint of heart, this vertical mile staircase in Manitou Springs known simply as “The Incline” is truly a flight of stairs worth taking. The really intense Colorado fitfam hiker could do the climb in 35-45 minutes. Feel the burn all the way to the top for one of the most spectacular hidden gem views that you have to see to believe. Ruxton St. Across from the Cog Railway in Manitou Springs

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